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Gartoons - SBC Packers

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Yeah, I created this.
It was a long time ago and I was really bored and wanted to try flash animation. That's where this came about. I e-mailed Rex about this and he liked it. I wanted to change the background, but I couldn't find a picture of anyone packing so I just kept the sweat shop image. All the hard work paid off because when he had a show in Toronto I finally got to meet him. THere's no joke about his height, because he's really small. I guess he was surprised to see me because I don't look like your typical Filipino. Anyway, we took pictures of each other and he gave me an SBC t-shirt for my work.
Note: I will no longer be making anymore movies on Rex's comedy sketches.

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one of my all time faves

Never fails to crack me up, no matter how many times I watch it! This is the very reason that I ended up in the NG website about 6 or 7 years ago.
Maybe time for an upgrade? I wouldn't mind more flash animation feat. Rex Navarrete! ~_^


u shud include that other version of sbc packers.. the one with sacking a cock(rooster) and giving above jobs and below jobs hahaha

Puck that SHEET

hahahahaah! It can become a real punch line even if I watch it ten times...

It's Very Good LMAO its fricken FUNNY!

i love Rex Navarrete! he's the shiet with his filipino accent xD
haha i love that shiet! LOL GJ!