The icecream man

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Ok. About 4-5 days ago -Evan- asked if I would like to make a game with him for the armorgames summer fun contest. I said I'd love to and we started brainstorming idea's (mainly he gets an idea and consults me about it). By that night we had started making the actual game. Just yesterday as I was adding in the menu's and preloader had we finished. I went to test that it works before submitting and it went haywire. Thankfully I got sick that day and got to stay home from school today, I figured out the problem and did some final touch ups to the game. I'd like to thank Anth0n for producing a great background music soundtrack.

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very bufggy. needs fixing

That was a good game an all but, when i lose the ttry again button doesnt work.. when i complete the next level... bam! my guy dissapwears. the range is really bad. and i dont know when i get hit, da guys wit the water gunes shot and it looked like it miss me... i didn no i was getiung hurt the POW... says "you loose" well nice game an all

Nothing new here...

This is definitely a poor-man's Dad N' Me, or as a matter of fact, any side scrolling beat-em-up. The attack animations are pretty bad, and there is no variety to the attacks. The range for the attacks are way to short, and it's hard to tell if you're getting hurt without looking at your health. Try again.

cheap rip

this is nothing more than dad 'n me with less quality. i would have pefered to see something a bit more original. i don't care how quickly you guys made it.

Basic but half-decent

Not great quality, however the idea, while generic has potential. If you spruce up the graphics and chuck in more interactivity, then you'll have a good solid game. Considering it took less than a week it deserves to stay on ng, as its better than A LOT of other crap that gets on here.

Looks decent.

However, it caused flash to crash my IE about 5 seconds after the second bitmap loaded. Not happy :O