Beginner AS Tutorial 2

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The second in a trilogy of actionscript tutorials. Learn collision detection in this one.
The goal of these tutorials is to teach flash game programming.
Done by Wedge Talon to teach me actionscript, now I am passing it on.


ok i need help

ok i have movieclips that automatically duplicate and move, they are named like this0

i want to know how i can make it that if any of them collide it will preform an action....
so like if 2 collides with 0....

i think i can use an asterisk but i dont know how.

i tried using an array but it didnt work too well. i think im gunna try that again.

by the way great tutorial. it shud help sum1 : )

didnt like it much

hey like seiousely that needs a few things better description buttons and more thought luckily it did tell me something it gets a 8 eight nothing personal

Great script info, needs buttons

I think this has a good edge on a lot of tutorials because it explains the script, and fairly well at that. It is a pity it is so short though- these should probably be combined into a single flash. (Seriously, an all in one game flash would be great to have.) Screenshots are a good thing for a tutorial too. It could really use back and forwards buttons though- it makes it rather annoying to use otherwise. As for sounds, well, to be honest I don't think tutorials really need sound much. Overall, I'd say good info, but it could use a bit more organisation.

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Hey nice one.

I also started tying to make some tutorials.

General Advice I got : Have a back button, add music. You too lack these. Just update them in the fla publish and update the file via entries submitted.

These however are not bad tutorials i believe. Definately will help anybody new to flash.

Keep it up!



Eh.. Ehm..

I really don't think this is a good attempt. Too bad for you. Oh, how hard you slaved making this one. I think you should build up your experience a bit, then work on whatever crap farts in your head.

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Aug 29, 2006
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