retro asteroids

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wow this turned out better than expected

suggest this game to be put in the video game remakes category

the controls are
z is shoot
arrows to move
spacebar to teleport
enter is to restart
and when u die just wait a second for a clear space and u respawn automaticly



Too many glitches, like when I press the space bar I teleport.
You did a good job on making it work and look like the Asteroids game though.

the-ghosst responds:

when u hit spacebar u were supposed to teleport
and since u say "glitches" could u pm me about some of them

Loving it

I know it looks a lot like the original, so that's why I gave it a 2... But the amazing new type of gameplay gave me more of a reason to waste another few hours of my life on online games! I've never really liked the Atari asteroiods, but with the teleport, it makes it much more exciting.
Overall: 9 - It deserves it.

Flash_games_judge is level 8 but I don't think he has any idea how to:
A) Read
B) Judge a game
He said that when you fire, you disappear then he said, fix the error.
First of all, it's not an error
Second of all, that's teleport you're using, read the controls numbnuts...

Also, By rating a '0' it means there is NOTHING of it there, Flash~ put 0 for graphics- Can you see that because it has graphics, that's a '1' already?

Cheers ;)

This was ok......

I think that it is pretty good.......I prefer the Atari verion......but this is good also.

Pretty good

I like the arcade graphics. But.. teleport? Wheres the teleport! and oh-too many spaceships in the begining. other thanthat i played for 15 min and had a blast. good job!


1)instruction screen
3)too many space ships and too early

otherwise... great game!

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2.25 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2006
12:42 PM EDT
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