BBQ Hero

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A wierd idea came to me so I made this game I think it turned out well. Please review it and give me good marks.

This is odd how much traffic this game is getting... is there a link to this that I don't know about?


Damn Fat Kid..otherwise gg

Nice unique gameplay, nice job on adding the other gameplay of getting the right cooked food which made it more interesting. Graphics are great, a positive factor was seeing each of the family's faces at the end.
It have been nice to add more combinations instead of using the same ones throughout the game, or add something to kill the fat kid...I swear that kid is as annoying that the dog in duckhunt.

i want to kill!!!

i want to kill that fat man i just want to throw a knife on his face or his little penis!

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i agree wit te guy below m

cool game, next one you do, make the chef guy able to slam fat guys face on the grill then crushe his skull wit te lid or somethin.

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I hate that fat kid soooooooooooo much!

Why can't you just stick his face in the grill on kill him?

Make another and let it let you kill him.


Dam that fat bastard to hell. Oh and why cant you just kill the fat kid or at least knock him out ?

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3.69 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2006
9:04 PM EDT
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