Skate Quiz: 1

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a quiz i made recently about skateboarding, watch the clips and answer the questions about them, sorry it is short but because of the video clips the file size would be too large, more to come if this is liked, vote high, comment and enjoy

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Fun little game, i think you could improve n this with some more visual graphics and detail, but as for the game it was notbad, kinda fun, so kee up the good work.


Better than Quiz 2

I saw quiz 2 b4 this one and this one was much better. The videos are still a bit crappy but easier to see, and I liked that last trick question. There should've been more questions though...

PS- That dude that made the last comment was an idiot, Terry only says n1gger twice.

That dude sure said n!ger a fucking lot!

It wasn't bad, it was kinda hard. But I liked the clips! And why would you put that black dude in who said n!ger 5000 times?!


ok well my good sir as a fellow skate and animator i liked it but if its to be about skateing you should have more tricks instead of silly long video clips asking who ollied over a picture frame ... saying that ppl like me who have a short attention span won't look at that lol .... but i like the idea but maybe you should try to do more of a video instead of a quiz check my videos out they might give you some ideas and there mostly stick skate flashes


it's not aimed

Got q1 right on attempt 3. Got q2 right on attempt 2. failed q3, then gave up.

As you can tell, I'm not a skater.

+++ Decent quality vids.

++ I like the idea of asking qs about vids.

------ I hate the idea of being sent to the start after getting a q wrong. Keep track of the score.

Seems like a cool game, though it's not aimed at me.

What would be even cooler though (and you could probably do this quite easily) is if you maybe made some skating glossary. Or at least after a wrong q, explained it. That way, I'd actually be learning something.

The glossary could be a totally seperate flash mebbe.

Anyway, stay funky.

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Aug 24, 2006
4:48 AM EDT
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