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this game took alot of work, and i am very proud of its outcome. i was able to put in almost all of the features i wanted, and i think it turned out very nicely. it took a while for me to compress the songs and sound effects, so the audio isnt of the absolute best quality, but its still pretty good, and hopefuly the game wont skip or freeze, or isnt choppy, its fine on my computer but hopefuly it will be fine on here as well. i will soon begin working on a sequal so if anyone has any sugjestions, i will take them into consideration.

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cool one

that was a pretty fun game. i think that if this was a bit more difficult, it could've done a bit better, but overall, it was pretty fun and it was a blast to play. nice work on this one.

it could have been a fun game i guess

but all you had to do is hold down and there you go, no damage from anything.

could of been a cool game.

liked the game, but having to guess what each weapon was going to do was kinda annoying....especially that gun that shoots the big ball of light that takes up 95% of the screen.

a little more objective would have been nice, like collecting whatever.

i also think you should be able to regain health somehow.


This is a decent flash game. The music is good and the graphics are good. BUT... NEED PAUSE BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Battlefield Mode sucks because how in the world are we to react fast enough to avoid the randonly appearing spikes that come out of the ground and the zapper things at the sides of the room??

Chaos Mode is FUCKERY!!!! How di rass anyone fi beat dat??

All n all, the game is okay. :-D

where can i find that song?

a techno/club mix of Paint it Black? awesome!

oh and the rest of the game was fun. and cool. but i was blown away by the song. wow.

The-Iron-Fist responds:

thanx, the song is by VNV nation, im not sure if thats the original or the remix but thats the artist