Galactic Sentinal

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Ok this is the first game i ever created about 3 years ago. I recently went thru my computer and found it so i updated it a little.


Some Good Some Bad.

This is alright, i realise this is youre first submission, and its really good for that, but i enjoyed your other game a lot more. On the other hand, some elements of this game were better as well, the larger view allowed more warning of incoming foes, which made things easier,this could be good or bad depending on what the player wants, this game has more weapon variety, which i expected from you other game, another thing are the mines, which i enjoyed for a short time, needs mine pickups, and they work with the wider view, splicing this flash and your other submission might just produce a really fun game. Otherwise, its okay, but on its own it could be better.

Good game

This was a good game, except it needed a faster fire rate and maybe make it a side scroller or something. Very good job indeed.

Fun Game

Very Origional, But i love this type of game... good thing i died.. i could have played for hours! Lol... Keep it up!


many people are easily amused and this is the way to go,yet the neverending volley of "shark ships" is anoying and leaves a person wanting more,the power ups were fun,yet the same thing over and over feels like you're getting no where kinda slow,so add different sounds and maybe a level system and a couple new kewl power ups and you've got a great game.

LoneWolf-MX responds:

Thanks, my more recent games that im working on at the min have level systems etc.. but my origional games are just my way of getting over a boring college day lol. Thanks for the suggestions!

Decent Game

It was a great game and kept me occupied for a while but its not like there haven't been hundreds of games like this one before, but still great job.

LoneWolf-MX responds:

Thanks, im glad u like it, i kno loads of ppl create these games all the time but its nice to create your own isnt it. Thanks ;)

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2.71 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2006
8:55 AM EDT
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