Dress Strawberry Clock

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There we're better.

A nice addition for the simple fact there aren't many dress-ups now a days let alone ones for Clock Day so good project there just wasn't made all that well.


that was so awesome though u could add some thing more...like....more weopens or more eyes or even more hands...a different background..oh yah the last and most important thing i think u should put is more charaters.....bye

a bit boring but cool music

Graphics: Good
Style: funny
sound: cool music
Violence: Weapons are made very good
Interactivity: No boring dialouges
Humor: I don't know why but... funny
All in all: very good

what you can make better:
Add more things to put on the strawberry!
Please let the music I like it

PS: I said three Times in my review that I like the music^^ (now 4 Times)

good good

very good but wears out too fast. maybe you good make a strawberry clock sound board.

As close to perfect as you can get.

Graphics: Pretty good, but you missed out the black arrow thing that pops up when the Clocks are talking. I enjoyed making an angry SBC smoking while holding both a gun and a knife... but that one thing that you missed out was ****ing annoying.

Style: Great style. A dress-up game combined with Clocks... a stroke of pure genius.

Sound: The music rocked out loud =D. But what disappointed me was that there were no lyrics to sing along to :(. Plus, some people use the internet while listening to a song... you should include a sound on/off button.

Violence: There was none at all, which in my opinion was, well, fair. Not good but not bad either. Some people would've counted a gun and knife in the hands of someone violence, but I think something has to actually HAPPEN for it to be related to violence.

Interactivity: ... what can I say? It's a game. Hehe.

Humor: You can make some pretty hilarious costumes for SBC in this game. Good job.

My vote: Four. A few minor things degraded it. Keep up the good work.

blanblan responds:

Yeah, woops... xD
It was early in the morning and I wasn't thinking straight.

Thanks for reviewing. :)

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4.53 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2006
11:32 AM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up