(Israel's) Race To Litani

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Pro-Israelis disliked my previous game.
Anti-Israelis disliked my previous game.
Here comes my SECOND GAME on the subject matter (the current Israel-Lebanon war)
Only this one is way more childish and mentally retarded. Enjoy!

There's a WELL HIDDEN easter egg somewhere in a white screen :-)


Dear Zionists:
You Manics!
You Fucked It Up
Damn You
Damn You All To You!

piece of shit

Israel sucks!!!!!!

shelalon responds:

no, you.

I normally don't get into politics but........

But my boyfriend's father is living in Israel.
Israel has shown too much restraint. HAMAS keeps attacking and attacking them.
I support Israel's decision to fight back. I may recieve flack for saying that but I completely understand where Israel is coming from.
They have had enough and I don't blame them.
I will never support HAMAS as long as I live.

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I don't understand what there was to not like in your previous game. It portrayed the difficulty of hitting a terrorist army and the danger of ignoring them... oh well, I still prefer this game.

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umm its ok

dont listen to thoes jewish haters [and now a word to the jewish haters you guys suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
and now im gonna give you a real flash review:
the graphic: preety good. specialy the effect of the missels when there on the way
style:umm no style
sound:you shuld add music and more sound effects

and overall 7

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3.62 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2006
11:28 AM EDT
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