Three Heros

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Due to unforeseen circumstances we are reuploading this game. The old version had an major glitch that wouldn't let you pass the first level.

Three Heros is an example game made for WkSyndicates new side scrolling game engine. This is still a full game, though not as polished as most. But it is a good example to show you what you can do, and how easy it is to make. Enjoy



It was a horrible game, specially the 3rd level, it's full of bugs and it was so hard and annoying to make through it

it was good but...

the character moved very slowly and i fell off the raft and i fel onto a plain white screen but other than that it was good


There are waaay too many glitches in this game dude. If you had to fix one thing and then resubmit it and you still have a ton of bugs, well then that's a sign that this game is not ready for the Portal. It's a sign that it's not even close. Don't just go and fix the corrections people are telling you about and then post it back up, play through your own game in depth. Look for stuff. Double check everything, realize what you're doing. You're going gung-ho on us and just bursting this game out without taking a look at the mess you've made. Slow it down a bit.

Okay, first off have you tried going through the clothes selection yourself? If you had you would've seen what a wreck it is. You click one thing, and then you can't take it off unless you click another option but that doesn't change it to that option, instead it'll change it to some other random thing. You wanna take off the cloak, you gotta press the green shirt and then you get a blue shirt, click the blue shirt you get a red shirt, so you want the red shirt off so you try to press the cloak again you get a turkey, I dunno, it's such a mess.

I found glitches when I jumped. Sometimes trying to jump onto a ledge or something I would get stuck or everything would jitter like mad.

And finally, you messed up on your mexican foods. In the beginning of the game you call it the Golden Burrito, but in the in-game-play you talk to some people and they say "The Golden Taco". Just too many errors.

Take it all back dude. Seriously, go relook everything over in depth before submitting this again. Give it at least a good week. It's got awesome potential though. I love that song too. That's all I have to offer.


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OK, But its way too slow

too slow

its ok


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Aug 14, 2006
5:42 PM EDT
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