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Mech's flash guide

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This is an old tutorial, but I'm still going to keep to my word that I may make another one like this, but with more detail and much better grammar. I made this when I was 14, I believe.

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best tutorial EVER!!!

the best tutorial ....

this is probly the best tutorial its briefly descriptive but stays on the topics and i like how you made it for noobs to advanced flash artist like me if i could give you anything higher then 10's i would but you get the point with the straight 10's good luck on the next one if you make it ... and this desirves to be on new grounds

Mechabloby responds:

I still am having trouble doing the second one. I want to still make the next one because it'll be fun and just for advanced flashers but I don't know that much of advanced stuff so I'll maybe finish it at the end of this year or maybe next year. :)


Now do you have any tips on buying a flash program???where/how did you get it???

Mechabloby responds:

dude, it's in there.

It is in the topic, about flash.

Great job!

I liked it but what about very experts? :D cos i for example know sprites already and explosion well!

Mechabloby responds:

My friend, that will be in the next part. :)


another person who does not understand the meaning of the fourth frame in the button...
This tutorial was really bad. Some things you told were wrong, some important things were missing. Please, if you do such a tutorial , don't tell people wrong stuff.
the design was terrible. Sound was terrible and lagged.
I know this won't get blammed, but i gave it a 0.