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Well here it is, some guy asked me to do more RPG tutorials so I made this one. You'll learn how to make an inventory that works with slots and the actionscript involved in it. I'll be doing more RPG tutorials. Be sure to visit my other tutorials. Ok for those who say this is "STOLEN", I didn't create this method and I never said I did, I learned to make inventories this way in www.flashkit.com.

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i like it vey much. i am going to create game using this.
i like your tutorials b'coz they are very neatly defined & designed.

Great, job also mikey...

when the item is in the boxes make a button and add this actionscript to it
on (release){
_root.health += 30; // this makes your health go up by thirty
//remember make a dynamic text box with a var of health
//on the frame add this health = 100;
if (health>100){
_root.health = 100; // makes it so that your health does not go over 100
this._visible = false; // makes it invisible, thus not being able to use it
} // closes our statement

BTW, great job on this tutorial.

nice work i was just at ur other on just 1 prob

walls dont work but still great

mine's not working

i used my character and ran over the item, but it stayed in the same place.

good enough

well, you didn't show us how to actually use the items in our inventory and that was what i was looking for anyways, but the people you were shooting for seemed content.

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Aug 13, 2006
1:13 PM EDT
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