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The legend of Tenzer

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At first, this was only a small training to help me learn action script. But then, I decided to turn it into a full game and I added a small story behind it.

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Nice Sp6

Hey Sp6 is me Tigreoak this game was almost like mario and geoland rpg but dude it was nice p stars for you


I didn't give you 10star becuase most of the script was mostly mario at the boss made out of fire needed bullet bills to be defeated and the turtle mosters were koopas in a diffrent kind of colors my mommy say only good games are made by all mind.Sorry...

Great first game!

Nice Game!

I enjoyed playing it. The lack of backtracking caught me off-guard at first, but was ok. I liked all of the variety.

Things that want improvement:
The look of some things (the protagonist for instance).
The problems that you had to solve to get the rings fell under 2 types: 1) skill (i.e. make the jump) and 2) find a secret (i.e. go under the pit/through the wall). It would have been nice to include a third category of logic problems. The room with all of the switches in the cave came the closest, but the player simply hit one then the next. What if they could hit 2 and had to decide which order to hit them? Just a thought. Very nice game.

SPIRIT6666 responds:

Glad you liked my game.
For the look I agree that I might have rushed it a bit.
For puzzle I was mainly limited to my action script skill.
But I still have many good idea for my next game and those points you made will be improved for sure.

Thanks for the review :)

i like the use of legend of zelda

(good choice btw)but the guy before me is right and the part where you use the teleports to get the crystal ball well its impossibal

SPIRIT6666 responds:

You only had to walk across the middle wall in the center.
Thanks for the review.


Two things I didn't like was that you couldn't go back to places after you left them, and I didn't like that you had to use the shift key. You should try and stick away from that one.

SPIRIT6666 responds:

True, ill try to make my next game more 'open'.

Credits & Info

4.09 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2006
5:19 PM EDT