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A Day In Highschool

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Ok, so this is an old file. Made around 2004 i believe. Pretty much my very FIRST work on FBF. Im just resubmitting for old times sake. Please vote fairly on it. I dont remember who's music i used, so thats why i didnt credit them. sorry to the authors.

Voice acting by me, and firekoala
Drawing, animation, and needed actionscripting by me

This flash originally made in Flash MX, i now added a few more stuffs from flash 8. Fixed the preloader, right click menu. And some more.

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Nice flash

I read the description of the movie and noticed it said that you made this in 2004 and it was you're first, so that is great if it was the first movie you ever made. I noticed that the voice acting was a bit poor at times though but it wasn't all that bad at all, and during some parts of the movie the audio was slightly distorted for a second or two. It was good to see that you added a menu at the beggining aswell, its always a good idea if you've got a quite long movie to add a menu screen. I browsed through each chapter and liked most of it. Overall it was a movie with class, each chapter was great and you added some parts which made it that extra bit sweet. Keep up the good work.

Blaze responds:

Thank you for your kind respond and for your criticism. Everything will be taken into consideration. (:

This is the kind of review I like, thanks.

good flash but needs some fixing up

the graphics were good in this flash but could of used more detailing, mabye some shading and some slight radial here and there for some extra touch. the menu was realy nice, not completly nesesary but nice. there was a little humor in this flash also.

well i didn't particluly like the voice acting in this flash, you'r characters didn't realy show any emotions in there voice, also some of the animations were kinda lame like the paper ball throw.

great first flash but needs some touching up.

~review request club~

Blaze responds:

Yeah... the voice acting is pure crap (mostly mine is).

Although, im still quite impressed at what i could achieve back then. :P

Thanks for the review.

Wow, for a flash that old, it's really something

~The good~

The graphics in this were really well done, especially since this was made two years ago, which is pretty damn impressive. The music you had was pretty subtle in this, which is good because it lets you listen more to the plot, than the actual song, which is how background music is supposed to be. You also had your own style, which gave a very good atmosphere, kind of a dark and thug-like school, which is pretty cool.

~The bad~

Well, the voice-acting wasn't too bad, but sometimes you blew into the mic, and it sounded really bad, and got annoying before the end of the flash. This also could've had more of an in-depth plot, like why "The guy with black sunglasses =P" is trying to attack "The guy with brown hair"? Some names would've also been better as you can connect more with the characters.

Overall, this was a very good flash for your first one, and not to mention this was actually made in 2004. Still, the voice-acting could've been a lot more clear, and this could've had more of a plot. I hope this review was helpful!

Review Request Club

Blaze responds:

It sure was helpful!

Well, see, The original idea (i already had storyboards for 6 episodes), was to introduce the characters on chapter two. But i never even got around to drawing some new renditions. Perhaps someday i will.

Thanks again for the review. :D

Pretty Good.

I thought the voice sync and graphics were good. My only real complaint would be that the sound quality of the voices was low. Other than that, a good flash.

[Review Request Club]

Blaze responds:

well, this was made a few days after the release of "Zelda Blues" ;D

Thanks for the review, again.


You didn't co-author TomMayCry. I just happen to know him, and remember this animation.

Blaze responds:

Because he just did voice acting.

Back then, My internet was being stupid so he submitted and i got coauthor. Thing is, we fought (for as emo as it may sound), and he took my coauthor away. So i emailed Wade, and he had it removed. He did NOTHING but voice acting. Just letting ya know. :)

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3.66 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2006
11:41 AM EDT