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In replay racer you race around four unique tracks with three different car types. You race against a replay chosen by the game, taken from a database of users saved replays. When you finish a race, the game might save your replay for other people to race against when you submit the time to the high scores table. Alternatively you can choose to race against your own personal best, or just by yourself.

This game is my own creation, feel free to use it on your website if you want. The game connects to my server for the highscores but the game should still work if that fails for some reason.


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I ended up enjoying this more than I thought I would. I think it's biggest is how there's a lot you can do. I especially think the idea of racing against yourself is cool. The graphics are fairly good. I didn't like it how you seemed to not be able to race other competitors. I must be missing some feature.

It could have used some music. I just thought it was pretty fun with a game where I didn't always lose. Yeah, I'm not good at these kinds of racing games. In fact, I'm not that much for racing games period. This turned out to be pretty good.

Wow that game

was the best raceing game ever made on flash, well out of the birds eye view one's

the lag was extremly anoying, the only game that made my computer slow

brilliant game, not as good as ur baloon one

you need to help me make a game like this one though


that was a veeeeeery good racing game, and the online statistics is alwas a nice touch to a game. Also you didn't make it too easy or too hard to steer. Kudos to you!... whatever that means...

Pretty Good

The Graphics were pretty good,
I found the sound of hitting a tree kept me playing a little bit longer
Alot of the trees i went under tho, didn't make the crash sound,
Maybe you coulda put some nifty music in there to keep people playing, (even better if there was selectable music)
other then that, I thought it was pretty good.

better than i expected it to be

i like the style of not really racing other people, just their best runs, but since your racing ghosts, it takes out the ability to ram other cars and take the lead like that. it all depends on your ability to go fast and not hit walls. also, you should be able to pick between more cars than just 3. but the different tracks were nice since they all had a different landscape. an ok flash.

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3.61 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2006
1:18 AM EDT
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