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Fuzzy McFluffenstein!

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Author Comments

Mash mice with Fuzzy McFluffenstein!

Arrows - Move
Up or Space - Jump
Q Toggles quality
P pauses (you can turn the music off in the pause menu)

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Great game with an interesting premise and suitable difficulty. The music is also very catchy! Great work, as usual.

I remember playing this when I was like 6 or something.

I don't think mama would've liked it too much.

Huh I completely forgot about this one. Artstyle and gore effects hold up and it could've been pretty good if the timer didn't drain so damn fast. Don't know if it's just a "PCs too fast for game now" thing like some other old games but if the timer's going to measure in seconds, it should actually drain in seconds too, otherwise make the timer a non-specific meter.

Oh hell yes. This was one of my favorites back then along with the Thing Thing series. I always loved the Invader Zim-inspired art style. HAD to revisit this after many years.

Nice game

Well that was cool a good game you have here some good ideas here and some nice elements it's a good quality of a game very intense too and just so I have no major advice here you make a solid game indeed and enjoyed it very much so nice work indeed I hope to see more of these game types soon

No changes on this fun game