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Saving Private Brian

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Tom Hanks meets Monty Python. Takes a little while to load up, but well worth the wait. Please don't forget to vote!

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what's with the white squares around everyones heads, that seems really cheesy and pretty lazy as well, the humor was ok, and the story was actually pretty good, but the animation itself was a bit lacking in detailed movement. Nice first flash though.

Hagridgrounds reviews a classic flash

"Hey I need you to save Private Brian." "No." "Why Not?" "Because I have to watch the Simpsons." LOL. Great job, although I am curious as to why there are white blocks around everyone's head...


this was rly funny man only the ka-boom sound is too repetitive and rly annoying.. oO


Of course people now, here, in 2006 are going to say "This sucked crap." but I took this into perspective. Of course the animation is bad, and you know why? You freaking submitted this in 2000!! And for a 2000 animation it's not all too bad. The jokes were decent; one of them made me laugh: "Wrong Brian."
"Fuck." "Fuck." "Fuck." "Fuck." "Fuck." "Fuck.", etc.

The "Ka-boom" sound was obviously too repetitive. The cartoon was pretty long, too. It wasn't too slow though, yet not very fast; resulting in slight boredom, and failure of the wanting to watch until the end.

I think I'll give you a 4/5. Once again, just because I thought of what I would say if it were 2000 when I reviewed this.

A nice idea, but very poorly done

The actual story to this was a good one and this movie had some funny moments, but it was just very poorly done, the sound was horrible, just the occasional bravo, which was of a very poor quality and just sounded very irritating, it would have been a better movie without it, you should have used sound effects and got rid of that. The main guards heads had a white outline around them, they really shouldn't have done, it just made the looks of the movie even worse. Basically this movie had a good story and it was pretty funny at times and I did enjoy watching it, for me it was just the sound that made me think less of it, but also the graphics and animation were very poor.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


Credits & Info

3.38 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2000
5:44 PM EDT