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-1 and 2 for mute and unmute, respectively.
-Retry button added.


Crappier than bounce 2

Again the same problem as with bounce 2, I click and drag but the game doesn't draws anything but a dot for a couple of second.
Lines are released or stuck to the cursor no mather I click or release the button, i don't know what is worst.
Just one life?? You had to updeta the game for a mute button but didn't minded about it in bounce 2... learn from those changes please and add that to every game you make ;-)
Keep it up!

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You know

It's not possible to effectively keep the ball in the air by making a dot. So, that doesn't work well for Endurance.

Pretty good

It was a pretty good game in my opinion. It wasn't the best game I've ever played, but it was still pretty cool.

(( this was fun ))

Well notbad with these little mini games, kinda fun, my only issue would probably be that the game props and such could use some graphic detail shades and effects would work, besides that it was pretty fun.

Some more visuals and graphics detail.

Fun games.


most mod

+++ Mildly original game mechanic.

+++ I liked the various modes of the trick zone.

----- I never felt I had any understanding of how the ball was meant to rise in the speed mode. Sure, I managed it, but much as I scratched my head, I never felt I understood what was going on, why it was going up or whatever.

---- Point zone/endurance) never change, so if we can survive, we can do so indefinitely. A higher score is simply a measure of time expenditure - not tactics or skill.

--- Other 2 modes lack a difficulty curve.

-- Music got annoying. Only realised I could mute it after reading the comments.

!!!!- When I tried to replay trickzone, it kept auto-failing, so I had to restart to play it a 2nd time.

Played most modes 2 or 3 times. Didn't much enjoy it.

You disappoint me, donutmasta.

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3.87 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2006
9:01 PM EDT
Skill - Other