Futurama Quiz Game 3

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Don't worry, this one does not have the piclownjew scream unlike the second one, which does.

i think im slowly getting better at making quiz games. i hope you guys enjoy this one.

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i watched all of the episods

bkdude responds:


better than the second!

this is really good! and is that the video game backround case in the backround?

bkdude responds:

yes that is the video game in background. i bought the video game like 3 years ago :-)

Much better than the 2nd

Two complaints, first being that the font of the answers is hard to read being non-contrasting colors, but no big deal.

Second. The clerk for the 7 to the 11th power does not have ten dollars in his checking account. I don't even have to put "War is the H-Word" in my dvd player to tell you that. The sign clearly states that the Cashier has LESS THAN 10 DOLLARS in his checking account.

but on a better note you got rid of that god awfull noise for wrong answers, and you got back to relevant questions instead of those bogus how many this are in thats. Definatly don't care how many cryogenic support members there were when Fry joined. Here's a free question for you, how many episodes of Futurama has Leela's parents been seen in? A: four. "Leela's Homeworld" s4 ep2 "Less Than Hero" s4 ep4 "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles" s4 ep 8 Oh, and let us not forget the very first episode you see them in "I Second that Emotion" S2 Ep1 Don't believe me? Watch it for yourself, they both gather round to hear the legend of el chupanibre. You probably just make these quizes while you're watching the show, if not then bravo on quiz 2 because damn.

bkdude responds:

i know that her parents were on that episode. i noticed probobly the 2nd time i watched it.

and i think im done with this series :-/ i might make a 4th one with better stuff soon, but not right now.

(( Could be better ))

Notbad but the green text doesnt work to well with the color backrounds, add a black bar behind it or something, also have it go to a side screen with the a black backrounds, might look better that way, anyways it was a fun quizz game.

Add a better text so its easier to read.

A fun futureramma quiz.


bkdude responds:

in my newer quiz game Forrest Gump Quiz Game, i made the text much easier to read by adding a 50% alpha backscreen, giving it more contrast. If i ever make another Futurama Quiz Game, ill do the same to it. :-)

Great fun for any Futurama fan.

The text was a little hard to read but the graphics were good. I have to play the first 2 now. If there isn't a 4th I hope it is in the works.

bkdude responds:

If i get bored ill make a 4th one, :-/

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Aug 9, 2006
2:43 AM EDT
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