Karma Ghost

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Thanks to all the reviewers who have taken the time to post comments regarding Karma Ghost! I really appreciate them all and whish I could thank you all personally. Some people have asked about the music on the cartoon, and who created it. The music was created by myself using the cool midi program 'Easybeat'. ___ Karma Ghost: A story about karma, and a guy named Pete who is stumbling through life spewing discontent and anger on everything he comes in contact with. Eventually, Pete's collective bad Karma begins to plot against him.

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Very Well Presented

That was both a funny idea and a creative one. The audio went along with the video great keep up the good work on your flashes man the creativity is even very original over a decade later, the pace and sense of timing was right on in fact I wish we could see even more of these little karma guys in your future flashes, perhaps even a miny series out of them. It took me awhile to get that it was their T-Shirts saying vandal, punk, killer and all that. Really funny flash to watch with them making an extremely horrible life for this guy and then eventually leading him to his death. The animation was jut one of the many elements that you presented near perfectly, the plot was just so funny I wish it were actually longer. I kind of felt sorry for the demented dog though haha.

The storyline was very confusing at what exactly the ghosts were trying to achieve at the beginning of the flash and I had to practically glue my eyes to the screen until I understood it.

An excellent flash just really hard to understand the storyline's point at the beginning but once you understand it, the flash is absolutely hilarious and extremely well presented, good up the great work!

-TY Reviews

What an interesting idea

It's great to see how far you have come, especially with animation that's still so good! I don't know if any religion teaches this, but it's a very interesting cartoon. It really works because it anthropomorphizes everything around us. There are so many things that go on in the world around us that we do not understand. It is great to try to make some sense of the chaos that goes on around us. We will probably never understand it, but this is a great way of expressing it.

I bet that guy will go on to become a karma ghost himself. I never thought of ghosts are being drawn that way, so it's a very interesting and unique style. Everything just stands out so well with its bright colors. The ghosts themselves have different animation to show what different kind of creatures they are. I think the dog got what was coming to him too.

This is the best example so far

That shows us that a flash need not to have the best quality in animation and sound. A brilliant idea and implementation win against the strategy of more improved quality. And when both comes together...

very good for a serios short

plz make mor


Wow, 9 years old? I can't believe I've never seen this submission before! I absolutely loved it. It was very artistic and creative. I think you did a great job. I love the t-shirts, that was a good substitute for no dialog. I love when film artists let the film explain itself.

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4.52 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2001
3:16 PM EDT
  • Weekly Users' Choice October 3, 2001
  • Daily Feature September 27, 2001