Object Avoider

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You are in an out of control car, you cant stop, all you can do is try your best to steer away from the objects like walls, witch hats and everything that looks like something that will blow you up, to steer use the left and right keys on your keyboard, can you make it past 20 levels?

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Got potential!

Cool exept u go straight on 2 the nxt level and then crash into a wall cuz u didnt hav time 2 steer it..... its good though and quite addictable but it wasnt really "out of control" i cood walk faster than that! lol but it was fun keep trying!


This was abit simple but was fun, it could use some "SOUND/FX" and or backround "MUSIC" the game was fun and had some nice smooth colors aswell, anyways fun game hope to see improved versions sometime...

Add some sounds, and or music...

Fun and simple game, nice topview of the car and such...


ELFERRETO responds:

thankyou for that review!
little do you know, in object avoider 2, (still in progress) the levels will be more intense, you will get backround music and sound effects, i hope it will be much better than this one.


cant you make so you got some more chanses one the level.
like life

ELFERRETO responds:

in the next one

A few pointers...

The actionscript wasn't very good, so I'd suggest you study it and actually LEARN it before embarking on another project. It looked as though you just used tutorials as a guide. The graphics weren't anything good, and I didn't see the slightest bit of FBF (although I only played through the first few levels, so what do I know?). Overall it's bad, but I'm sure you've got potential just waiting to burst.

ELFERRETO responds:

fbf? well i didn`t show you the actionsctript, good eyes, heh. i have learnt actionscript, but I had a challenge to make a game in 2 days, i worked hard at it and i hoped you liked it.

So many things wrong with this

It was very smooth and I like car driving games so this was another one to add to my collection. And you did die on some object.

You could drive right over most walls and most obsticals. And sometimes you would die for no reason. And another thing is that when you got to the end you would go under the finish thing instead of over it.

ELFERRETO responds:

yeah, you go under the finish thing because it is like a transporter to the next level

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Aug 6, 2006
6:48 AM EDT
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