Antibiotic v 1.71

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The liver is under attack! Only you can stop ominous viruses and turn them out of here! There are 3 missions in the game. At first missions you must reach the liver. In is not easy because enemy is around. At second mission you must kill the boss. But his sequrity will prevent you. The third mission is logical. If you will be very lucky you could see an impressive ending. If you are overbold and persistent I advise you to play this game. The fact not everyone will remain from beginning to end. Good Luck & Have Fun!


I Really Suck At This GAme

It wasn't a bad game to play, but it sure was a hard game. I couldn't seem or barely seem to get anywhere which really pissed me off since the controls were really good and everything. The game wasn't bad overall, but might I suggest an easy version for people who have troubles on this game to have a chance to beat it.

Controls need work

They controls didnt respond quick enough work on that and it will turn out front page.

Nice job!

I've really wanted to make a game like this, really like this. I wanna make AntiBiotic 2!


good idea for a game, nothing wrong with tht which i could c, could of added different difficulties for it tho =D
keep up the good work =P

Has potential...clumsy controls

I like the concept of this game, but the fighting controls are quite boring. I think it would make the game more interesting if there were additional elements in battle, such as blocking attacks, charging moves and special weapons. One thing I particularly don't like is that the sword controls are very very clumsy...it takes half a second for the sprite to swing the sword, so you have to pretty much be moving backward or sitting still to hit anything. Also, I don't like how all enemies die in 1 hit with sword or gun...it makes using the sword pointless. I think this game would be more fun if enemies had life values, and the gun had a weak damage output at a faster rate, while the sword had an instant attack (none of that swing crap) with a higher damage output. I never got past the first level because of the slow sword swinging, and honestly, it was enough for me to stop. Great concept, but it needs work overall.

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3.29 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2006
7:42 AM EDT
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