Crazy Squash

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Its a bit pissing off that the score has been brought down because idiots rate 1 after only doing the first level, not reading the instuctions and claiming the game isn't complete. Theres so many reviews saying that its depressing.
I originally made a gravity simulator, submitted it and it got blammed, and one person who reviewed it said something like "if you can make flash, why dont you make something better than this?". So I decided to. This is it.

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Sorry... not great. But here's what you can do.

I have a problem with the mechanics of the game. I'll add some other comments afterward, but here's the deal.

When the ball exceeds one of the programmed limits, such as a barrier, sometimes it sticks to it and vibrates up and down it before flying off again - and sometimes it even makes contacts to things on the other side. The solution is simple.

Step 1. Identify a boundary violation.
Step 2. Correct the position of the object to a point which no longer exceeds the boundary in question. (If you use Vx and Vy, the split velocity components of the object, you can use them to create a line in y=mx+b format and find the solution algebraically.)
Step 3. Reflect the object's velocity. I began with the law of specular reflection: %u03F4r = %u03F4i, where %u03F4i is the incident angle and %u03F4r is the reflected angle. Since the computer won't understand the notation, I adapted it to use a unified frame of reference and introduced the angle of the plane: %u03F4r = 2%u03F4p - %u03F4i, where %u03F4p is the angle of the plane (so if the plane is level, %u03F4p=0), %u03F4i is the incident angle, and %u03F4r is the reflected angle. The method you're probably using (multiplying one velocity component by -1) will only work when the plane is a multiple of 90.

If you code it properly, you can make a game where the ball NEVER renders overlapping a surface. That should be the goal to begin with.

As promised, I have more to say.

The ball is way too big, and the speed and gravity are too sharp. A larger screen, a smaller ball, and lower speed and gravity would put more emphasis on trying to aim the ball rather than just trying to deflect it somewhere when it comes near the right wall. Also, it would be nice if the paddle was bowed a little bit, so the ball would reflect at different angles. (The same equation would help here.)

A little 'next' button, or something that says 'press space to continue', would be nice. Yes, you wrote it in the instructions, but a game should be fairly intuitive. You shouldn't have to break out the manual to get past Level One.

I liked the R function - why didn't you start with that? I would recommend using the R and T functions from the very beginning, and then introducing some moving parts into the environment. Some special objects could even keep moving when you freeze time.

Basically, this game is begging for a remake when you learn a little more math, a little more physics, and you decide to go all out. You can look back on this and puff up your chest a little.

around half-way through

Started game. Got stuck. Read your comments. Started again, pressed space, carried on, a bit after the reversal power-up was introduced, I started getting bored but slogged on through. Finished.

+++ Kinda cool ball movement.

---- Suffers from that age-old annoyance of not feeling fully able to guide the ball when a few blocks are left. When the 'r' came along, it made a massive difference - I felt I was actually in control enough to guide the ball in through the slots (which seem a bit too small normally).

--- Not enough variation between levels to really sustain enjoyment.

-- No bgm/sfx.

++ Cool secret.

+++ Nice clean gfx.

Seems kinda cool, but I started to get bored around half-way through.

Maybe moving blocks, moving obstacles and more power-ups could be introduced?

Maybe enemy balls, which fire at the right and we must avoid?

Maybe allow us to influence the ball in some other way constantly?

trig1 responds:

you have a lot of good ideas... im now thinking about making a sequel to it now. i think the reason why it hasent got very good reviews or score is because i submitted it before it was properly finished (no idea why i did that).


This was not a bad game, i didnt understand the end result of the game, but it was fun playing around with it, you could add some backround music for that extra effect...

Add some sound/fx and or backround music...

Fun game, abit confusing at first...


Fun stuff

Very nice game, the graphics are stylish and suitable and the premise is good.

One bad thing is that sometimes it becomes a very random process of where the ball is going; having to wait for the ball to get every square while you can do nothing about it detracts from the game a little.

Overall though, pretty good! (Judy from Minigolf)

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2.86 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2006
1:47 PM EDT
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