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Bob's Escape

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Author Comments

SPACE BAR TO PLAY LEVELS - Go button made it annoying so I removed it.

TIMER REMOVED - The game is hrad enough as it is :P.

Been working on this for a short while now, its really easy to start with but you will find it INSANE.

If you wanna find out the last 10 secret levels, you have to figure them out using the credits, otherwise, you're (sort of) missing out :P.

The music was from www.flashkit.com and a loop by Khuskan, on that note, this isn't the game I said to people in the Audio Forums they'd have their music in, that game's gonna take a long time.

Simply press UP LEFT and DOWN to jump, long jump and low jump through the obstacles you find, just to make it interesting, I've added a timer, if it reaches the end, you lose (starts from stage 2).

Anyways,have fun, enjoy the game :).

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great game, butn eeds somes work.

at level 9, the monster kept comign to me when i tried jumping.try making it easier controls because i keep getting mixed up and all that. you should make arrows on top of the game so u can look at them and see what to do like for example, ^>^>
and then u jump high, and then jump high again.


The storyline is fairly interesting, and the choice of music for the story scrolling on the screen made it feel mysterious and strange, which I liked a lot. However, Bob does not look like a "blob thing;" he just looks like the roughly drawn outline of a person, or maybe a rag doll. Also, the controls are aggravating. All you can do is jump--there are options to decide whether you can jump low, or far, but that's about it. Once you press space to start you're running pell-mell forward and nothing can stop you. I apologize if I missed some crucial instruction.

Jindo responds:

You didn't miss any instructions, that's exactly what you do, and that's the challenge of the game :P.

Bob moves forward, it's up to you to have him jump and speed up to dodge things.

BE2 will have an option to slow down, which should make things easier ;P.

Thanks for the criticism :).

Fun Game.

Now here was a fun game, it was abit hard understanding the controlls at first but i soon got the hang of it, nice funn game though and simple aswell but mostly fun, nice work on this.

Maybe some improved character detail would be my suggestion.

Fun game gets abit tough after awhile, overall it was fun and entertaining, nice job.


Jindo responds:

Thanks for reviewing :)!

Your suggestion's being taken into account, I'll work on this for the sequal :)!


OMGSH!! This was such an amazing game!! I just finished it!!! It was really good because you didn't have to actaully move the character. It took me AGES to complete a couple of levels but most of them weren't too hard :) The only thing is the very last level. Is it meant to be difficult because i just (quite litterally) walked through it. The monster didn't attack me or anything! And level 49 is so annoying!! I got killed by the second last block 3 times!!!!!

Jindo responds:

wow, glad ya liked it :).

I'm thinking of making a sequal with a level editor, so yeah, if you liked this, keep an eye out for something like 'Billy's Escape' or 'Bob's Escape 2' and waste your time on 100 levels of madness :P.

Good work Jindo...

hello again Jindo... just as promised :P
ok... this game has 1 vital difference form the others which is you dont move the player, which makes it a whole new game entirely. this is good... as it makes it more individual.
ok... once again... my mark scheme... i am giving this a 4/5...
mark 1: a common idea changed to give a whole new game, plus, a storyline to go with it.
mark 2: a fun game with a good sinc of when u press a key and when you jump.
mark 3: the art is good... and ou have thought clearly about the levels. plus you have little in level helpers in the training section.
mark 4: your level names are short and sweet! 1 person had a level with a name of 3 sentences :S nice work on producing the levels!
well... i mujst admit... hard to find improvements... but possible! :P
1. enlagenment of the game screen would help as this would make it slightly easier as he moves very fast. either making him move slower or enlargening the screen might make it a tad easier :P
2. maybe separating the training levels from the rest? and also if you made your own level designer and trying them out you would have definitely got a 5 as it is features like this what help make a game seem professional and look good.
3. this is a bit far fetched, but special unlockables would be good... like having the levels in sectors and after each sector you win new things. if you are stuck on this... you could do...
***new level backgrounds***colour of the character*** new levels*** new items to place on level editor***
well, everything i put here is what i would do. obviously i am not a professional and it is up to you if you choose to take on board anything i say :P so dont think im ordering u!! :D
thanks alot. a good game and good concept.
iwannacookie ;)

Jindo responds:

+cool points for yet another awesome review (I may not get many reviews, but I'm sure lucky to find awesome reviewers like you :)).

I take originality as top priority in my games, so making it about timing and jumping seemed perfect :).

@m1: yup, though the storyline was discreet, I mostly focus on the game and end up not worrying about storylines, cutscenes and stuff (but that's gonna change next year kids!).

@m2: thanks, I know I've seen a much better presented game which is pretty similar to this except you can't slow down, speed up and it's all based in one scene.

@m3: yep, the art was purely because when I started, I just had so much patience to do all these fbf animations, but by about level 30, my patience wore out terribly, but I still continued :P, the levels were pureply drag and drop inside a movieclip, so they were easy, unless I had to make a new obstacle.

@m4: hehe thanks for that, I hate the really long level names, I like to keep them short, sometimes witty if possible, but I'm never too good at that :P.

wow, I could pick any one of my games and find atleast 5 ways to improve, but that's just me and probably just my old games :P.

@1, makes sense, just seemed to fit at first :P.

@2, training levels I thought would go well to start off, but I see what you mean since I should keep them seperate from the story. And I'm gonna make a sequal which will (hopefully) allow people to make their own levels :).

@3: that's an awesome idea, thanks a tonne! I will surely go for this in the sequal and you will get credit for it :)!

Thanks again for the awesome review, sorry I only just saw it!

Merry christmas ;).