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Creativity - Episode 1

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This is the beginning of a (hopefully) long-running series I plan on creating. Over time several characters will appear and develop in stand-alone episodes and story-archs, chaos will ensue and hopefully someone will find this funny. ;)

Every episode is about 30-100 seconds long. The story is as follows:
Luc is a normal 20-year-old guy (albeit mentally unstable) and looking for roommates in order to pay his rent. Little did he know how much his life will change...

For those interested:
There are several (mostly practical) reasons I chose to use text-to-speech-engines for the voice acting but I also just like the random pronounciation and bored expression that fit the characters so perfectly. ;)

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This Sucked!!!!

The title says it all. It makes yo grandma's unshaved legs in a strip club look good!!!


- [( Okay, the text-to-speech doesn't really suit him, sorry. )]

+ [( The graphics aren't bad, and niether is the style. )]

- [( It's too short. )]

- [( It isn't really that funny, sorry. )]



i dont think the text-to-speech does suit him. sorry.

wtf was that???

that was realli stupid, dont waste your time watching it, you could be doing better things, like sitting staring at a wall or bashing your head into a sink....yeh i hated it

luzifer-cr responds:

Well, thanks for your review and time anyways, although I would've preferred something less sarcastic.

But hey I'm all for sarcasm.


I hate this voice !!!!! . No emotions gay is just staring at me (omg?)!! But i like joke :)