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Binary Winter

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Protect the planet 'Hermes' just long enough to construct your rocketship! This is a smooth, fast paced game, with upgrades, goals and trippy music and sound effects.

CONTROLS: Use your mouse to rotate the raygun and the spacebar to fire. When wipeout is unlocked, press "w" to use it. Once you have started playing, you will get the hang of how to do everything.

This really doesn't have anything to do with binary snow, apart from the effect used on the planet. This is really just a collaboration of spontanious/random ideas of mine, packed into a game.


Oooooohhh.... Aaaaaahhhh....

I really like it, but it seems like the planet it a little too big. Also, the meteors count as hits before they hit the planet sometimes. You should also add something maybe so that like a chunk of the planet blows up if it gets hit.

nice job

Im gonna try to bring the score on this one up if i can, if noone votes on this from now on, then in a week the score'll be up to 3.5 on this thing, I think. the laser needs better reload, and you need a bigger screen to nuetralize how fast the asteroids go., since if they come from above/ below ou oyou have less chance to defend. more enemies, some more music options, tighten up the graphics and maybe have the player start with 2 weapons that they can switch around, one a slow spreashot with slow reload and one a faster single bullet one . Make these inprovements and we may have a hell of a defense game on our hands


This is nice... I liked that the planet rotated.

The only real problems I saw were that meteors come really quickly, that there are long periods of waiting in the beginning for another meteor to fall, and that the laser's movement isn't smooth (when you fire it, then use a crappy mouse, it fires in like 6 places with no transition inbetween).

All in all, though, nice job.


Nice little flash there. Only little problem I had was that the meteors would hit the planet without actually touching it, and the slow laser speed made it difficult.
However, a nice, fun game!

I Think That Was Great

I Voted 5 But I Think U Should Try And Make It A Little Longer And More Wepons

MastersEntertainment responds:

Thanks for the comment :)

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2.59 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2006
10:11 AM EDT
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