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Right - Move Right
Left - Move Left
Up - Jump
Down - Attack
Miniboss (Metal Gardian)- Hit head whilst dodging body, sword and laser beam.
Final Boss (Iron Amphibigroth)- Hit lower jaw whilst dodging gaint fists, lightening beam and head.

Move past the right hand edge of the screen to enter the next stage. Collect Coins and kill enemies for extra points. Collect potions to replenish your health. Collect 1ups to get extra lifes. When you die, a level password should come up in which you can type into the "code.to.level" to go to the nearest checkpoint.

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I really liked this game. I think the biggest thing about it is how many oppurtunities you got to get beat the part of the level. I just like the sounds with how everything just went down. I think it's quite realistic. The graphics are also wonderful. While a tad repetitive, it's still worth checking out.

I just think everything worked out well here. I appreciate you doing something that seemed pretty original. Even though you have to go back to the start of the level, you still get your coins. I don't know why the faces are enemies. Of course, this doesn't really have a plot.


fun game... real simple but chalenging. liked the concept and it ran pretty smoothly.

It's great.

At first it was akward, but then after a while I became so hooked with trying to beat it that I didn't care. It was a really good game, difficult, yet beatable. All I can ask for is that in the sequal, you can use combos.

good game, i really liked it

this is a really good game, for me it's kind of copying mario bros. games, but you still made that into agood game.but i dont know why whenever you get hit you go back to the beggining of the screen, that ticks me off in most of the areas. if you fix that you'd have a great game right here:)


good game but the last boss was the easies part you need to make him more stronger all it took was one hit

Credits & Info

3.64 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2006
5:22 AM EDT
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