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The Worm!

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Author Comments

Well I've just been learning Actionscript, PHP and MySQL and this is my 2nd
game pulling it together, my own version of the classic worm game! I've got a highscoreboard working with the version on my website if you're keen to play that, I can't run it from here because due to security issues sending variables between servers doesn't work. I also have a downloadable .exe version if you want to play it on your desktop, it runs like a curry too!

Just a bit of fun, I hope you enjoy it.


ps. I'd love to see a score on the highscores on my site I didn't put there, so if anyones game to do that I would be most chuffed!

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Cant get the hang of the game, can't always do everything.. Anyways I always loved your animation so yea wanted to check this game out..For a beginer this allright game!

It's an addictive game.

But after 247 'blaah's' (or so it felt) I called it a day : ). The game itself is good and the concept is actually quite simple, but to beat it, that's something else.

i like this

pretty fun since you get the blahg at the death so cool dude i like it

That was pretty good.

The sound he makes when he dies is hilarious. BLAHHH! At first i thought the purple things killed you so i tried to stay away from them, serverly lowering my score since i couldnt get more than half the fruit. And id always come to a part that was completly taken up exept the very top that was only about a pixel wide that id aim for, invariably hitting the top and furthinging my thoughts that the purple was deadly. Otherwise good game.

LogFish responds:

Thanks for reviewing this little game! Nice of you to review wacky little submissions heh.

Everything's not bad.

Just that i wasn't very used to the controls(at all) and then i kept on banging that worm's head on the roof or walls or other stuff.:PIn the end i gave up.

LogFish responds:

I get the feeling I made it too hard - it's actually incredibly easy when you turn the gamespeed down but noone wants to do that because it's more extreme. My highscore is 3 times higher than the next best and I wasn't even trying, i wiped it off the board in the end - weird.