Battles In The North

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A game about current events in Northeren Israel / South Lebanon.
By the name of the title, you can assume it's more in the Israel's perspective of shit -- you play as Israel.
There are actually four possible endings to the game, complete with poor quality cut-scenes at each end ^_^

This game was started when I was making some spaceship-battle game and had worked on the missile routines in friday.
upon hearing on the news the "real" rockets flying all over the battle zones north from me, were far more real than the weird game I was making,
I had to halt the spaceship-battle project and create some relevant game..

5 days of work it took
and 95% negative comments it yielded.
This game was widespread in Israeli web sites, and apparently the game manages to agitate everyone equally across the entire political spectrum
And this is something I view as an achievement.



Right below my review Sayuashi writes a few valid points regarding the game.
As a response all you could come up with is "I have worked on better games?".
What better games?
I see only one more game in your submissions, which frankly doesn't seem like much more of a decent game than this one is.
I'd say either you prove to us you've worked on better games by posting some more submissions or just gracefully take the criticisem given and perhaps even use it to better your games.

shelalon responds:

What criticism? That guy said the Israeli airforce is not part of Tzahal... he thinks he's so smart.
Also he said it was boring, which I can't salvage any constructive criticism from...

I'll Hide in cave!

Yeah, Preety good. The only thing that missing is Israel's Missles ETC. BTW, I'm a Israeli too!

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Good and Bad

OK, I like the way how you explains the way they fight, Israel need to defend itself from bombers and rockets, also at th same time it must not piss off the USA and other countries. Very well done. However the gameplay seems rather blend and seems to be over and over, also I didn't like how everytime youlclick a ? a city is bombed. I thinks you should make a bigger gameplay but you said IDF (Isael Defense Force) they wourk on the ground NOT air, you should correct to IAF (Israel Air Force) because of somemistakes I give you a 4/5: The game was blaand and thus got boring quick. Also I am giving you a 7/10 because some of your informations is wrong BUT you proves a loot of points. Thanks abnd hope you work on better ones, unless I make a mistake. =P

shelalon responds:

Thanks for the review.
Actually, Israeli Defense Force is the official name for the entire Israeli military
Even if Israel would use satellites to launch a nuclear strike to the moon, it would still be part of "IDF"
Also, I have worked on better games.
This game was just a 5-day quickie about "news" events that were important at that time.


I believe Djbell found the same exact problem isreal found itself in. Arent politics a pain? You cant do anything in this world for good without pissing someone else off (not to say killing people is good, im just saying in general). And if you do nothing at all then you will yield the same results.

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Hard freaking game!

Every time I do something to protect the country, the world gets pissed off; if I don't do anything my population gets killed; it's freaking bullshit!

יופי אלון

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shelalon responds:

Are you suggesting that Israel, with all it's messed-up bullshit politics and the relentless fanaticism of terror organizations, has not a single, simple solution to achive real peace?
My, what a terrible thought :-O

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2.25 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2006
11:20 PM EDT
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