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Pointy's Attack

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A simple game where you as the Wizard have to avoid bombs thrown by your evil hat. You pass several levels where the bombs fall faster. There are four levels. And, no, there are no sex and violence.



starts out boring, but then gets a very good challenge after awhile making it more fun, cool concept, graphics could be better nice use of sound, and interesting color theme, but a background would have been more fitting perhaps.all in all though nice game.


I have the same feeling about this game as milinko959. Another thing I want to add to his improvements is that you have to try to make things realistic. It isn't realistic to complete the game, it excists out of pure luck. However, it was realy cool to play :)


^^Good Points^^
I don't see why people have voted so low on this game. I found it to really be quite funny! The storyline is kind of odd, which is why I like it. Evil inanimate objects are always funny! The game itself is pretty fun, it's just like a reverse Kaboom! or something. Not a bad game, this should have a higher score.

^^Needs Improving^^
The graphics are the worst parts in this game. Your backgrounds aren't very exciting and are very ameture, as are mostly all the graphics in this. If this had better graphics it would be much more sucessful.


The story was horible an evil wizards hat hmm. There was just no gameplay in it whatsoever the first level was just far too easy, the second was of an acceptable difficulty and the 3rd was just crazy hard, all you had to do was move left or right to avoid bombs and it was just a really horrible game that wasn't any fun to play at all. Te sounds were very irritating, also when I did manage to complete it it just cut too quickly to the end screen and the end result wasn't worth it, you just saw the hat behind some bars. Perhaps this would have been a better game were it to use the keyboard left and right keys instead of the mouse to move the guy, as the mouse wasn't really the best thing to use for this game.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


This sux

I must say lvl 3 was hilarious........

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1.69 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2000
8:56 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid