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Sonic RPG eps 6

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-Reuploaded at 08/30/2012-
Fixed a few bugs;
Balanced the stats in the battle of Eggman so people can enjoy it;
Added the newest info about or team;
Added link to our Website: www.flash-essence.com;
Improved sound quality.

Again Daily Feature and Front page! Thnks NG staff, you really kick ass!
Collection! About time HUH! Thnks guys!

Due to some ppl getting trouble beating the damn boss, take the password and dont fuck my head anymore! password: "nightmare"

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the eggman boss is way to hard but still good i like how your back in mobis

Persona 4 Golden and now this game have made me realise how important it is to scan your enemy.

Honestly, huge thanks to @MonoXD and @Kiorka for their reviews. Without them I wouldn't have beaten this game. 7 year old me never would've thought of using the Protect ability, then using normal attacks, then using the G. Beam and Purple Vortex abilities when the Master Emerald is exposed, then healing right after getting attacked by the charged attack, then repeating all that.

I love this game!

Alright it's nearly 2023 but you know what, imma leave this down for y'all people in the future who either just so happened to stumble across this old throwback or came back for some nostalgia.

First of all no, this ain't just a movie. Go down to the credit section situated on the left side of the screen. There's a movie AND a flash version. Just click on flash and that's it. I'll probably leave this section on every Sonic RPG.

Either way for y'all who can't beat Eggman, here's how I did it first try.
As I read in a comment below Protect is a one time spell. It reduces the damage you take for the entire fight. It's way more useful like that, but also isn't mentioned anywhere. (I don't even know how the user MonoXD found that out.)
Now that you've done that let me tell y'all a little secret, if you scan Eggman and read his description it heavily hints towards the Master Emerald being his strongest and weakest point.

By that the game wants to tell you that he takes extra damage while he charges his attack. Here's the pattern he ALWAYS sticks to: Attack, attack, charge, charge BEAM

It's probably coded like that but no matter the circumstance Eggman always does this. During the charging phase you'll get off two free attacks where he does not retaliate. If you make sure to use the green beams during that time, and the other ability you'll be good to go. The only spell you'll ever need to concern yourself with is Healer post turn 1.

Keep in mind though, after the second attack he won't have his emerald exposed. You can tank one of his attacks, heal, then just use regular attacks until he exposes the stone. After that, use your green beams twice, get hit by Eggy's attack, heal again and just repeat the process until he's dead with normal attacks. Okay that's about it byeeeee

Credits & Info

4.42 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2006
6:37 PM EDT