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Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 6"

I don't see why everyone's complaining...

The Eggman boss wasn't too bad, I only lost once, and that was cause I forgot to heal. But anyway, it's good to see the story developed in Mobius too. Any idea when part seven is coming out?(You've made them so quickly as of recently, I'm curious if you're taking a break or not) Oh, and a suggestion, could you make the voices somewhat louder? The music is always louder than the voices, so it's hard to hear them. There should be an option in Sound Recorder to make them louder, right? Hope to see more from you soon!

MidNightMaren responds:

Well, I have no idea...:S.
Im always improving, and I really want next one better then this one :P, so... It can takes 2 mounths, but it can takes 4 or 5 :S. Is impossible to know, You will just have to wait...

very cool

well mecha was kinda easy , just the first time io tryed , i use the super attack who cut like 485 sp or something , than against eggman, just attack with those triple shot , and heal , and at the end , i just use up the rest with somthing that shoot electric and , when i was low on mp, i just attack and when the ellemard is out , BANG BANG , finish it up lol , it was very nice and a clever game, hope next one will be nice and hard as this one
i feel srry for mecha, i thought he was stronger ..... well he is in my books lol , love you work keep on going


this is a good movie/ game but eggman is realy hard i got realy close

MidNightMaren responds:

Try again its not impossible!


cant believe how some ppl can just say that this is crap, i mean..
ITS AN RPG for christ sake if they were all easy they would just get pissed on, tbh 5/5 good bosses and movies
btw if theres a leveling system and new spell/atk learning tree's then you'd have a even better RPG oh yea, Keep up the good work!

dude you suck

nightmare isnt the stupid password, man you an idiot tell us the real password!by the way NOTE TO ARTHUR: the olney way you could beat me in a sword fight is if you are a samuri in japan but your not because your not speaking japanese and if you knoe japanese send a note to us saying what kanechewa (kan-esh-e-wa) means!ha you probably cant! and to see if your not a kid who hacked in and lied to be 13+ then put in brackets how to say technolegy or dinosaur or maybe requirments! and so you dont make us angry tell us the real password dude ok?