Demons Wrath

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NOTE - If you don't like reading or if you don't enjoy imaginative story/book-based games, do NOT vote on this because it is NOT intended for you!

You were a young teenager, and you lived a simple life. You loved all your family and friends and you loved where you lived. One day, a band of savage demons ravaged your home, leaving nothing but death and destruction in their path. They killed all your loved ones, and destroyed your home. They found you hidden away, and took you with them to teach you their ways. But there's only one thing on your mind... Revenge!

This game is based on the Chose-Your-Own-Adventure books we all enjoyed as children. The only difference is you have to chose the right choice or you will die. This was submitted two weeks ago, but was unfortunately blammed due to some needed changes. I have taken all of your suggestions, and have completely fixed the game, with all you guys in mind. Here are the new changes that you will find, and enjoy, when you play the game:

1) An annoying thing about the old version was that the buttons were very difficult to press, so I have fixed every one of the sixty-three buttons in the game and they are now extremly easy to press.

2) If you chose the wrong selection, instead of dying always the same way there are new and more descriptive ways that tell you in detail how you were murdered.

3) A lot of people found the fact that if you lost and died you had to start the entire game over annoying. So now I have a selection each time you die that lets you either start the game over or go back to your previous page. This should make the game less annoying and more enjoyable to play.

3) I have added sound to the game to make things seem to be more eerie, along with some demonic screaches and such. UNFORTUNATELY, I have not yet been able to loop the music so it will eventually stop. If anyone can tell me how to loop the music PLEASE do so, I will greatly appreciate it!

I really hope you guys enjoy this. I put hours of work into the story-line and programming, fixings and such, so I hope my work pays off. No, I am not using that as an excuse for higher marks, just saying I hope you guys really enjoy this!


The game is awesome, it was actually the first time i played story/book-based games and this is the first one that made me thrilled, it would be nice if there is a sequel of it

Billy-Bean responds:

Thank you! This was a lot of fun to think of, and I'm sure that after 10 years I could think of something a bit more indepth than this. Maybe one day. :)


Billy-Bean responds:


Now, I'm actually a fan of text-based games. I love reading and also happen to be an amateur writer. But, I have to tell you, this game lacked depth. There was a total lack of choices and the fact that you have to take your revenge on the exact day of the attack removes drama. There's no climax or uphill inner-battle, so to speak. You could put a bit more effort into this.

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Billy-Bean responds:

Yeah, I made this in one day 7 years ago lol.. Good times..

Its okay, but there is stupid random choices which I can only quess the right one.

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Billy-Bean responds:



An awesome game! You should make a sequel!

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Billy-Bean responds:

Thanks! :)

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4.07 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2006
3:48 PM EDT
Adventure - Other