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This is my first (good) flash game, so I hope you guys like it. It is a mouse avoider game. It gets alot harder after the third level.

Check out BtS2 in the NG Alphas! More levels, more features, better graphics, less crappyness!
(Remember, its an Alpha, in that demo, there are only 3 levels.)


scary maze came cheat

this game has the same trick than the scary maze game!


hold your mouse down and you can go over the blue and green lines without losing

I can't tell why everyone hates this ...

It's a very fun game and I enjoyed it alot. And here's to explain the numbers:
Graphics-5 B/c They were just shapes nothing fancy
Style-9 B'/c I've never played a game like this before
Sound- Great song I can tell you got it from the Madness 6 Trailer.
Violence- None
Interactivity-5 B/c Sure I moved around but no characters to talk to no items to collect. Not your fault I'm just saying thats why.
Humor-10 B/c I kept laughing whenever I had to start over
Overall-8 Great job and I'm looking for a sequal

Very fun game I hope it doesn't get blammed because I really enjoyed it. And I actually won! That last level was pretty easy the third was the hardest in my opinion. Oh but what the hell? I only had to cheat on the first level? lol. Great job on this and the best of luck in the sequal (If any)

El-Moo responds:

There will be a sequal, and I'm glad you liked this one (it sucks compared to what I've done in the squal so far.)

not TOO bad

this game could be a lot better,but then you couldve made 1 stage only(DONT!)that would suck.
hoping the next one comes out soon:)
i bet its gonna kick ass!
ideas:more moving walls
locked doors.
hidden short cuts(only if you start over if you lose)
racing agenst a computer circle or somthing
shaped mazes(somthing popular like mario or strawberry clock or somthing wired like a skull)

El-Moo responds:

BtS2 will come out on August 31st or sooner. Its gonna be ALOT better. It does have alot of the above mentioned things (exept for the race and shaped mazes part(those are good ideas, I'm definately gonna use them.)) And yes, BtS2 WILL kick ass. No doubt about it.


^^Good Points^^
Some of the levels have good designs that were a little intimidating at first and were pretty challenging.

^^Needs Improving^^
From the instructions, when you say "some levels there is no fair way to beat" I was really expecting this to be better. The levels were all pretty straightforward and all of them had a "fair" way to beat them. There weren't enough levels, and most of these just looked like practice levels to a much bigger game. Make bigger levels that contain more components.

El-Moo responds:

I'm gonna start working on Beat the System 2.0 as soon as I finish a flash movie I'm working on. BtS 2.0 will have more levels, better looking layouts, and a password system so people don't have to do the game over when they lose.

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1.78 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2006
9:24 AM EDT
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