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Newground$ Tutorial

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Hello! This is a newgrounds tutorial for new users. Tell me in your reviews what I can do to make it better. I like reading the reviews and will respond to all reviews


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hey dudes i have one question, how do you get an aura, pls reply

HomerDough responds:

Same as the other one


its is a toturial to newgrounds sim date

HomerDough responds:

Can't believe it's been almost 5 years to the date of this thing

how bout

how to make a flash movie/game and submit

HomerDough responds:

If only I cared enough back then... I lost this file so long ago lol

Concise and informative

This is a well thought out tutorial, although I would consider putting more movement in there, illustrating how things work. Show the users exactly what is required, because sometimes users need a map and both hands to find their own arses.

The music is annoying when you return to the main menu - why not have it in a continuous loop, rather than skipping to the start of the track whenever you reset the main menu?

Still, you've told the users the information they need to know and you've put it into the medium of Flash, which is really what it says on the tin.

[Review Request Club]

HomerDough responds:


Nice tutorial.

[Graphics]- The main background is pretty boring. Try to add a lot more colors in this to brighten it up. I suggest gray and orange since they are NG's primary colors. A lot of the pictures in here are quite hard to see because of the excessive pixels. Make it more clear to see the pictures.

[Helpfulness]- You seem to add some extra information such as a "dictionary". This tutorial has a lot of information and should be helpful to anyone new to this site, but the problem is a lot of people won't find this flash. There more likely to search in the Where is it? and How? forums. Your sentences are nice and clear and easy for anybody to understand. Overall this was more helpful than your average NG tutorial.

[Information]- You added extra information, even more than is needed, but knowledge is power! I think though you need to update your whistle info to the modern whistle standards.

[Sound]- The was well suited, but you need to add an "off" button and different tracks because the song could get annoying after a while.

[Overall]- Very nice and well thought out tutorial. It has a lot of extra information too. I'd say the only improvements you should add are make the picture more clear, add some different songs, and some more colorful backgrounds; I suggest gray and orange because they are newgrounds primary colors. Overall a nice and helpful tutorial.

~Review Request Club~

HomerDough responds:

I did have an off button in the other tut but you know that already.

Anyway great review and thanks

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3.22 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2006
1:22 AM EDT