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The people who particpated in this were Arskagarf, KnightBlock, ItalianBlock, and SpriteBlock for making the menu. This was made after the forums were done and I started it back in aprilish and it just got finished. Enjoy.

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^^Good Points^^
The menu is pretty cool looking. There is lots of interactivity in it and the color scheme is good. My favorite part of this has to be Arskagarf's part because of the music and comical animations. Though really every part of this collab is a winner.

^^Needs Improving^^
Not quite as grand as your larger WOS TT's. I think this would be better had you included more members in it. That always seems to work better. The music looping on Arskagarf's part is a little off too.

ItalianBlock responds:

Thanks. Yeah sometimes members are a lil lazy when it comes to collabs or TT especialy this one. O well but still thank you very much for the review you are the greatest reviewer ever.

strange feeling

i feel like i must make love to this flash submission now...

ItalianBlock responds:


Arrogance is a sad thing

You know how bad it is and that its a bad copy of some other group that are highly overrated (by the group itself). Wake up and smell the coffee. Do it for yourself. Don't make the same mistakes.

ItalianBlock responds:

What does over rated really mean?

Alrighty then....

Good songs, but that's all.
~Lady Faith

ItalianBlock responds:

Um.. Gee thanks?

Hm.. it's missing something...

Hm.. Lacks Zombies.

Lacks Panda's.

ItalianBlock responds:

lacks Hot girls too. But I don't see much complainin :D