Pong Pong Revolution

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***UPDATE*** - Single player now has difficulty choice (Easy, Medium and Hard).
**UPDATE** - Flashportal.com has decided to sponsor my game! Visit their site!
*UPDATE* - Main music has been changed...no more complaints I hope ^.^

To view Instructions and Keys, press the Options button in the Main Menu. There's a lot to know about the different modes, so it's very recommended that you read most of it.

Default Keys:
Move Paddle Up: W
Move Paddle Down: S
**Unless it says otherwise in Challenge descriptions

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Welcome to the largest pong game ever! This game is designed with a multitude of unlockable features, and an auto-save feature so that you can quit and come back whenever you like! It is filled with unique modes, and even an unlockable mode! Have fun, and if you have any problems, contact me about it =) Enjoy.

(Oh, and sorry about the long load, I wanted the game to have some good music for maximum enjoyment.)


fuckign stupid!

fucking ass stupid shitty game. so fucking gay. 6/10 cause of the music and graphics.
good song and graphics, everything else sucked.

Very cool game

Yeah this was a very good game and the gameplay as well as the graphics were incredible. keep it up!


^^Good Points^^
Fun game to play. Probably one of the better Pong remakes on NG and on the web. The customizable controls are great, and the different game modes allow for a lot of replay ability. The music is a nice choice and the game is pretty fun to play. The power ups seem to be creative as well, and add a lot to the game experience.

^^Needs Improving^^
I was expecting this to incorporate something a little more from DDR... All you did was use the song "bethoven virus" and have some of the same sound effects like in the menu. Nothing else really has to do with DDR. You got my hopes up for nothing.

polnareff responds:

Actually, I didn't use Beethoven Virus, I considered it, but didn't. The song title is in the credits...the reason I used the name Pong Pong Revolution was because it was original and also meant the revolution of pong. I tried to think of a way to incorporate DDR with Pong...but it all ended up sounding dumb =P

Thanks for the comment though.

Probrably the best pong remake I've played.

But its still Pong, and as much as I loved your version, I think you could to much better with an original idea.


look the game is good but the music is horrible, and there is a glitch where the ball gets stuck between the ball and paddle. but from the rest really good the challenges and the rest.

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3.78 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2006
9:17 PM EDT
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