The ostrich hunt

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Hello. Use the ARROW KEYS to guide the eagle. I and "flashmonk" made this game last year, it was for a school project. I am currently working on another game, wich is almost done, but I suddenly wanted to submit this. Its about an ostrich that want to fly. It becomes jelous of the eagle that can fly and steals his egg´s. If you like it, visit flashartists.net and see more animations.


So damn hard!

any reason you start the whole god damn level all over again? any1 else have trouble? ugh

Not great but not bad ethir.

First the bad points of the game. The levels seem to be short and everytime you die you start at the first level or you enter the password. If you get stuck on level 2 entering the password over and over again it gets kind of tedious. The it's self was fun though, and it had me replaying it over and over. Good work.

preety good!

i got to lvl 2 n i gotta say it was a fairly good game one thing thou, on lvl one i cudnt get past the snakes (very hard to do so) and eventually i found that if u flew to the other side of the screen so u arnt seen the snakes cnt get to u! apart from that loophole good game.

Very good game!

I loved the game but it was very hard... Thats not a bad thing but I only played to the begining of level 2!

FlashFlower responds:

you made it to level 2! not bad ;D

Not bad, but sort of tricky

Took me about 4 tries to figure out I could just fly all the way to the right to avoid the snakes completely. After that it was smooth sailing. Not a bad premise really, but you should try fixing that part of it so you actually can't do that trick. It makes the level virtually a waste.

Nice work though, keep at it!

FlashFlower responds:

ok, thanks for the tip, but this is youst an old game I made I don´t think i will fix it though

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2.58 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2006
7:46 AM EDT
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