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Happy or sad, they're both mad. Avoid happy Blox, eat the sad ones. Quick addictive game that only require mouse movement for control.

I have not created a submission in a long time because of work and other projects but I decided to make this on a day off real quick. I may upload another version later with sound because I know games w/out sound suX0rz. =p

Have fun playing.


(( Fun and cute ))

the game was fun and cute, lots of good enemies and the main block character was cut, it was actually a fun and cute game.

More different enemies, maybe you should add 3x lifes instead of once.

Fun and cute game.


C360 responds:

Try to 'beat' it. = )

You'll end up growing infinitely large. It's pretty funny. I don't think I'm going back to make another unfortunately. I got different stuff to make.

Not Bad, Actually


This game had a pretty cool style to it, and the graphics weren't that bad, either. There was some interactivity, too.


Well, there was no sound! Background music/sound effects would probably really help this game (assuming you chose the right one's :).


C360 responds:

yep. definitely needs sound. maybe some moving stars in the background too.


Nyeh heh heh.

I think the best part of that is the animation when you lose. How the eyes wiggle back and forth as they fall down. Heh heh heh, that's nifty. Keep making stuff.

C360 responds:

Thanks. It's all coded when the eyes fall and different everytime. I wanted to make an explosion too. Maybe next time.

I like

much like the guy before me, I think this has utility. i found it a little addictive.

but I think I found a way to beat the game... I started getting so many points after converting faces, that they were all frowning... so I consumed everything on the screen, and now my points are still climbing at an exponential rate, and my guy has taken over the screen.

my square is probably the size of manhattan by now.

you may consider trying to fix that.

C360 responds:

Cool I'll try fixing that bug. It's never happened to me yet though..hm. Good to know though.


I don't believe it.

I saw the size of the file, and thought it was just some lame gag game. But you know what? I'm suprised. I figured that for novelty and efficiency alone, you have created a game that would be a SOLID game that could easily be crammed into a preloader for much larger Flash files. You know what I mean? It's so small, yet so quick to get into the action, the player is instantly into it.

It has amazing utility, a lot more than I'd bet a lot of other people recognize. This might actually start a new trend of "preloader" games; mini-minigames that are only supposed to be played for thirty seconds, but that ensure that the user remains looking at that one Flash file.


Darn it, now you've inspired me. I wanna make some preloader games now, too. As a stand-alone game, I wouldn't rate this one very high. I would probably give it only a 2/5 if you had like a 4 mb music file blaring in the back. But I thought.


Since it actually can serve a purpose when latched onto another game, I easily and graciously bump that score from a 2 to a 4/5. Nicely done.

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C360 responds:

Dude first off I'd like to say you are clearly a great and inspiring artist, and added you to my favorites.

Great written review. I guess this could work in a loader, especially if it was even more simple and "mini".

Thanks again

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2.45 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2006
9:48 PM EDT
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