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This is MelonStory: The best action adventure RPG since Defend Your Castle!
Slay the monsters to gain experience, and ultimate glory!

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nice take on maple-story

excellent take on ''maple-story'' and the whole games situation. liked the logos, ''writings'' on buildings, was p. clever.
now, while i dont approve of making fun of old/disabled people, i still found this an enjoyable game, and i must say, it's a nice way to use your wrath..(if ur mad at stuff)..
nice design of thor-clock, it's a shame you didnt do a real game, even if it would be short.
anyhow, it seems fun, and the song was awesome.

BTW, when i played this game i instantly thought i was in netherlands, can you explain to me why it happened?!

the best

this is the best darn game on the website plz make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So dirty.

Having Grey Clock destroy a bunch of Rocky Dennis faces was pretty much a blow below the belt but i did get a laugh at it but as for a game it was quite boring and unintertaining.


(ok ok,stop) it is a great anti stress thing anyway,make more !

guy who posted before this one

Hey if you dont like Clock Crew then keep it to yourself you jackass.Some people (including me) like Clock Crew and are feeling offended by your post, so are the Clocks.
By the way this game better be a joke or else you just got yourself a bad reputation
With Clock lovers.