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noir shooter.


All right!

Really like this, its a shooter with a difference! Play it loads but I still can't finish it..its right hard, but i cant tell if its being unfair or not. The looped music is a bit annoying, but i like the speech as the gangsters react to you breaking into their place.

Nice Idea!

Graphics & Sounds Were Very Good & Whole Noir Idea Was Great....
But You Should Be Able to Start From Beginning of Stage (Not Only At First & Third Stage) Or You Should Be Able to Take Two Hits.
Enemies Start Shooting Too Early (I Guess There Were Only About Eight Thugs That I Killed Without Being Shot At First Time)
& Like "abbaladoon1" Said Detection Was Awful & You Should Be Able To Shoot Their Bodies.


I don't usually reveiw....

But the detection was sooooo awful on this one. It had promise, but you need to work on it. Im guessing that the only reason that you made it headshots only is because you didn't feel like making body points. Work on it.... of course....

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What's a looser?

Oh, you mean a loser? What, like people who can't spell easy words?

Golly those gangsters swear alot!

Bloody hard. You just have to know the exact place the guy's head is going to pop up and shoot before he does because it will not allow you to shoot at the same time. Took me a while to get to level 2 and I didn't get past the grenades there. Too hard and unresponsive. At least let me fire the gun while I'm being shot at. Lots of jolly rude word words being bandied about...I shan't be showing this game to Nanny.

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2.81 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2001
8:02 AM EDT
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