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Author Comments

- - - - edit (May 21, 2010) - - - -
Score of 4.02? Guys, what the hell? I just voted zero and brought it to 4.01, and I recommend all of you to do the same. This game is buggy, lacking features, lacking originality, has poor graphics, and lots of other problems. This does NOT deserve a score over 4! Thanks for the support and all, but I don't like having my stuff so overrated.

Also, I'm terribly sorry to ParagonX9! I completely forgot to give proper audio credits when I made this. You can now find links to his songs in the Audio Portal over to the left.

Q: Why am I in jail?! This sucks!
A: Sorry about that. It was bad coding combined with a pretty bad idea. If you die, it sends you to the hospital right when you die and they automatically take your cash to heal you back to life. However, if you die when you're already nearly dead, your health goes into huge negatives, then it costs insane amounts of money to get healed. And if you can't afford it...

Q: When's Meteolife 2 coming out?
A: It's really low on my priorities. I have lots of other projects I want to do, and I don't know if I ever will make Meteolife 2. I'm really suprised that Stick RPG 2 hasn't been released yet, though, so I might set some time aside to create Meteolife 2 for all you out there who have been waiting for Stick RPG 2 for so long. My game won't be nearly as good, but it's pretty harsh how long you've all been waiting.

Q: If you don't work on Meteolife 2 right now, I'm going to slit your throat in your sleep and you'll get raped by a dead body, then I'll vote 0 on all your other crappy work. JUST MAKE METEOLIFE 2!
A: I don't really feel like it... Your death threats and stuff make me laugh and all, but I'm just not really motivated to work on Meteolife 2.

Q: Stick RPG clone.
A: I was experimenting different types of games back then to see what I could handle to make. I really liked Stick RPG at the time, so I figured I'd try a game of that genre. You can't just stick your money in the bank and sleep your way to richness in this game, though. Meteolife was heavily inspired by Stick RPG, but I tried to do things my own way.

Q: Where's the sound?
A: You have to buy the radio to listen to some tunes by ParagonX9. I know, bad idea.
- - - - /edit - - - -

Meteolife cheats and map at http://cloudflash.net/

A long time ago I decided that I wanted to make a game like Stick RPG, so I started working on it. I started this off with a lame tutorial from some website which I can't remember. All it taught you was how to make the character move. I learned a lot as I was making this, and ended up with what I have now. From the project's beginning to end, it took one full year and two days to finish. Of course I wasn't working on it for most of that time, but still. So here it is; my version of Stick RPG. I tried not to be a complete rip-off and made a lot of unique things. A much larger map, different kinds of things to buy, multiple locations to be employed, and so on. Please don't look at my game as unoriginal just because the general idea is the same as Stick RPG's. This game is quite a lot different. Anyhow, enjoy my game, and join the cloudflash.net forum if you like my work.
-Danny Poloskei [cloudflash.net]

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It is fun but gets boring after a while and there are no sounds and only 3 music in the radio.

I never knew that there were 8 hours per day.

bout to try

I absolutely adore this game! I'll admit part of it is nostalgia, but it really has a charm to it that stick rpg never had, something about the animations, the random shit that happens in the world, it all makes a really fun experience

Ah this game brings back so many memories.

Credits & Info

4.07 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2006
9:53 PM EDT