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Vote and Review! your opinions mean a lot to me.
Thank you for playing my previous quizes. I made this one neater and harder.
You need to know a LOT about LOTR to do well. But, the bonus video is WELL worth it!
I'd like to thank Andrew Carolan.

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where's my video?

love it! i am super awesome at answering because i have seen the movie like, twenty times!!!

@Ramsesx2 uhhh last time i checked the balrog used his whip to take gandalf down with him, and also... i dont think gandalf and sauron even meet in the movies... only in the books, when he goes to mirkwood to remove "The Necromancer" (aka sauron)

and it was not gorbag gothmog lead the siege on gondor... or was it the witch king? cause isnt gothmog a lietenent of the WK? and i thought boromir died at amon hen, but i guess u were being more specific? idk...

3 things Gingerkiller 2

First Gandalf staff WAS broken in 3rd movie when pippin and Gandalf rode with Gandalf's horse to save Faramir. Second Grima is Wormtounge Grima's nickname or something WAS Wormtounge. Third the meaning that Gandalf falled didn't mean that he died, he just FELL OFF THE BRIDGE WHEN SAURON PULLED HIM. I watched it over 2 years ago but I still remember it. I think you need to watch all movies from DVD because in TV they cut some places out and I think you need to read all the books too. Then you might think that posting this kind of a comment. IDIOT!

Good But

In One of the questions when it asks who was the leader of the orcs it is not GORBAG it is actually Gothmog.

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