Pigeon Pooper # 2

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It might not be the best game ever, expecially in my terms. But I still enjoy looking back on this game. Why? It was the first game I actually spent some time on. I made the music and programmed it from scratch, learned as i went (which is why the later levels are better than the first). I made a TON of cheat codes.
THe preloader is glitchy as i made it a long time ago.
Please read the FAQ/trivia before asking stuff in the reviews.

Q: WTF is with that voice?
A: I was in 7th grade when i made the original and i carried over that sound clip to this one

Q: WTF graphics?
A: They suck i know. I didnt exactly have acces to animators back then.

Q: WTF @ storyline?
A: It's hilarious. My mind was really twisted back then. See the original for more explanation of it.

So enjoy one of my earlier games. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Have fun! And PLEASE see if you can find the humor in this old game of mine.

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This is an old game, that much is clear to see. However, this doesn't excuse it from being so shoddy looking. The graphics here are simply atrocious, no doubt about it with visuals straight out of MS Paint! The gameplay itself is distinctly average, slightly annoying with the fact that the enemies are constantly juddering around the screen, seemingly at complete random.

There is potential here, but the visuals need to be touched up big time, as well as making the enemies act a little more logically, meaning you don't have to chase them all over the level 20 times over. Collision detection with things like the cannons and trees would be good too, as even though the bird is meant to be flying, and I accept it could be flying over them, the people you are attacking can just walk right over them.

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

I made this when I was 12


Another fun game as always, i always like your games and this was sorta silly but i had fun with it, the graphaics were decent but could be abit better like some details and such.


Dumb :P

haha it's so totally pointless but rather funny


This is so stupid,but It's cool.Bird is hunting humans!

this is not so bad

this game was not so bad..... it is a good story....

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3.58 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2006
5:00 PM EDT
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