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ok, I have completed 'Create A Saiyan'

please tell me if there are any mistakes

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Name: Kago
Type: 95% Saiyan 5% Devil
Birth Planet: ???
Super Attacks: Devil Wraith, God Speed Rush, Devil Kamehameha, Full Of Evil Charge
Ultimate Attacks: Super Devil Kamehameha, Devil Grave Crush
Awoken Skill: SSJ, SSJ2, SSJDemon, SSJDevil
BackGround: Kago is the Prince of The Demon Realm, Even though Kago is not like any demon. He has part of the devil in his blood, He also destroys thousands of planets with his Planet Destroying Devil Kamehameha. He was also in Universe 6 for a while.

it is a full blown masterpiece

character: Kamo(fusion)
type:99.8%Saiyan 0.2% human
birth planet sadala
attack types: fast and light the faster the weaker the slower the stronger
ki balasts: galick gun, final flash, final explosion, big bang attack etc
home universe:6
forms: SSJ, SSJ g2, SSJ g3, SSJ2, SSJG, SSJB, SSJBE, SSJB2
story: he is the great great great great great great great grandchild of trunks. so trunks has a kid with mai but they accidentally got transported to universe 6 on planet sadala only t be taken in by one of the saiyans but non other than caulifla generations later most human is gone but the trunks genes still exist and are strong. two twins are born named kaio and kame fusion making kamo

I made a classic remake of goku!

Character: SSJ3 Goku
Type:Full Blooded Earth Saiyan
Birth Planet:Vegeta
Does Both Light and Heavy attacks.
Ki Blasts: Kamehameha
Home Universe:7
Forms:SS,SS2,SS3,SS4,SSG,SSB,SSB Kaio-Ken X10,SSB Kaio-Ken X20, UI Omen, Mastered UI
Story: On Planet vegeta, Goku's Dad Bardock Sent him to earth Since Frieza Was going to destroy Vegeta, So Bardock risked his life to protect Vegeta But died along with with all saiyans Except for Goku And His brother raditz And other saiyans And then he protected earth forever!
If There is another classic remake of DBS Characters you want me to make, Tell Me!

Review: Was good for its time, I remember playing this as a kid and freaking out about how cool it was. As far as I know, there aren't really many other options apart from the old stuff for this kind of thing. As it stands it's still far better than most other options so I'm giving it a 4.

Character: Tumeric
Type: Ancient Saiyan 100%
Age: Ageless
Fighting Style: Wild Overpowering Force
Ki Blasts: Barrage Death Beam, Angry Explosion, Meteor Burst (Unique Variant), Heat Dome Attack, Gigantic Blaze, Vice Shout, Crusher Volcano, Giga Meteor Storm, Godly Display, Destroy Everything, Planet Crusher, Mouth Energy Wave.
Forms: Mastered Suppressed Great Ape Form
Transformations: Legendary SSJ, Ancient Saiyan God
Home Universe: 11
Background: Something that a lot of people don't know is that there were more than one Saiyan Colony. Planet Vegeta was one colony. Tumeric is from a separate colony, in the far corner of the universe, this colony evolved separately to the Saiyans, but genetically are almost identical. You see this strain of Saiyans are born as apes and the leaders of the race are those who are able to suppress their ape form, keeping the same 10x power increase but becoming a much more advanced and intelligent fighter. Upon controlling his own ape form, Tumeric took the liberty of slaughtering his own race in what became known in his quadrant as the great beast massacre. You see Tumeric when finally suppressing his ape form became aware of his potential and the potential of his genetics and its ability to skyrocket his own power with battle. He didn't slaughter his race on purpose, it was just his way of training. And once his planet became desolate and empty, he moved on to other planets and other colonies. Tumeric's ability to constantly evolve and adapt through battle proved to make him unstoppable. His greatest challenge was against non-other than the previous God of Destruction accompanied by Whis, and it was during this battle he discovered his Ancient Saiyan God power by adapting to the battle and the God of destructions Ki and making it his own. Whis would put a stop to their battle, however, Tumeric became so powerful that the God of Destruction could no longer put up a fight and was slaughtered. He was offered a position to become the new God of Destruction, but Tumeric wasn't interested in being a pet. Whis regrettably then had no choice by to seal his power so that he couldn't rampage anymore, and he was put into a slumber. The only way to break out was to ascend past his primitive urges of constantly finding the need to battle. It was Whis's own way of training him and also saving the rest of the universe at the same time. What was left of the Saiyans were a few scattered families, and the colony on Vegetea. The universe should be safe thanks to Whis, whether he remains in a slumber, or controls his urges.

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4.48 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2006
7:10 AM EDT
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