Classic Rock Quiz 6!

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**EDIT** I fixed the main menu after you look at the credits or extras. I added who the music was by in the credits. They are the only changes.
It has many improvements. A new font, (Cheap Fire was getting old) a custom cursor, a cool backround, extras, and for the first time, you'll see The Big Stinky Blobs of Cheese in concert! Go to the extras page to view it. (Yes, that's a picture of me.) I hope you like this final addition to the series. Please, leave a review, I'll respond to it. Just look at the other reviews for the series, not one has gone by un-responded. And bugs, errors, or problems regarding the quiz tell me in a review. Thanks!!!

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I can't belive your stopping

I can't belive that you arent gunna make another classic rock quiz. I loved these. I am so mad!!

KyleDaFox responds:

I'm sorry, 125 questions is enough. I'm glad you loved them. Seems like someone needs a hug.

sorry it took so long to review it.

i played it like 2 days after it came out,i just didn't get around to reviewing it until now. as far as the quiz goes, cool, the best yet. but you got to stop with that "big stinky blobs of cheese" thing! its getting old fast! and that video, thingy, crossed the line from worn out joke, to retarded! nice work thoug.

KyleDaFox responds:

Meh, I had to keep the cheese thing going for atleast one more. I mean this is the last one... *Sad music plays* Thanks for the comments.

Pretty cool.

While on long roadtrips, I take a particular pride in my circle of friends for knowing quite a lot about rock from the sixties and seventies. But this one really pushes it, and I'm glad it's not all just a bunch of "How do you spell ACDC?" retard questions. These ones are really challenging, and quite fitting for Jukebox Heroes like myself.

I hang my head in shame, for getting the year Jimmy Hendrix died wrong. And even moreso for knowing right off the bat the very year Yes was formed, and also knowing that the lead singer, John Anderson, originally began a rock career in The Warriors in 1963, and that Chris Squire was in Syn since 1967, and they both met while in a club and wanted to do a single collab together, and had Bill Bruford and Alan Keyes (later replaced by Alan White and Rick Wakeman) as well as a real douchebag of a lead guitarist (later fired and replaced by Steve Howe) come together. And somehow I also know that Yes never won a Grammy, was only nominated for a reward for "Cinema" in 1985 for best INSTRUMENTAL (take THAT John Anderson), and that when Anderson temporarily left in 1980, he was replaced by the lead singer of the Bugles for the "Drama" album, who later wrote a song that became Yes' only #1 hit Owner of a Lonely Heart but gave it to John after hearing John sing it during a sound test. YET I DIDN'T GET THE YEAR JIMMY HENDRIX DIED! *cries*

Allright, umm, let's see here. The guitar for the pointer isn't working too good for me. It's kinda clunky, and with an interface running at what looks like a default 12 FPS to 24 FPS, it's slow and jittery. I also couldn't push myself to give very high marks in graphics, because it's just a bunch of text and pictures from the Internet. Yet everything else should do well as I found this entertaining nonetheless.

Nice job. A solid conclusion to a good quiz series.

KyleDaFox responds:

Thanks, we all make mistakes sometimes, and in your case, you didn't get when Jimi Hendrix died. It's OK. I had the FPS at 15, I just wanted the intro to move faster. I liked the guitar pointer, I thought it'd be a cool addition. Thanks for the great review!


that was da bomb! I liked this more than any other of the quizes!

KyleDaFox responds:

Da bomb it is. Or atleast I tried to make it da bomb


keep up the good work

KyleDaFox responds:

OK, I'll try:)

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Jun 19, 2006
7:33 PM EDT
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