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EDIT-fixed bug in Newgrounds part, thanks for pointing it out guys!

**Read please**
Just to let you know, I started this when I was a nooblet, and finished it now... I can do way better, I know.

As for preloader, I usually do them last, but I accidentally only left one frame and didnt feel like changing every button.

Please enjoy and review!


ching, quality of info

+++ Large number of subjects.

-- Lot of spelling mistakes.

-- Sexist reviews not allowed? I'm sure that's not a rule...

--- For code, I think you really should EXPLAIN it - not just hand it out.

--- Your link code opens stuff in the flash window. set target='blank' for it to open a new one, as you'd generally want.

-- The gradients are terribly explained. If I didn't already know that stuff, I don't think I'd be any wiser after this tutorial.

--- Music got annoying after a while.

--- Custom cursor messed up at times - sometimes disappearing.

- Sometimes there was no 'back' button or it didn't work.

I think you just need to work on explaining things better and not rush into doing so much. When teaching, quality of information is paramount. Specially when so much material already exists.

yodd responds:

I suck at teaching, and I was a noob when making this, I am quite sad looking at my flash on NG, especially this.

an okay tutorial, but needs improvments

the music was a good pick. there was lots of subjects but i don't think you realy explained them that good.

(im sorry if i came a little hard on you)
well you need to improve you'r spelling, you spelt some realy basic words wrong you even spelled a button in the main menue wrong. the topics you picked out weren't nessasary. you made a whole topic about how to make a radial thing, this is just my apinion but i think when i see a radial thing in a flash it looks pretty bad if used in wrong places. when you but in actionscript tutorial you just typed in the code. you didn't realy explain it (now i don't know anything about AS but its helpful is it explains what certain things mean so that you don't have to go scavaging through tutorials to copy paste it into you'r actions box. the NG part of the tutorial wasn't realy nessasary ether, most of the stuff you said could have been easily read in the FAQ. you also said some things about talking in 1337 and having bad grammer and spamming witch was pretty good. so in conclusion i think you had alot of unnessasry parts to this.


yodd responds:

Thanks for your review sir. Well I dont talk 1337, but my spelling can be downright horrible if I dont watch it. I believe radial gradients suck, however they need to be taught.

Thanks for the review.

(I cant spell says the person who write 'apinion' lol)

{{{ HELPFUL }}}

Ok, I knew everything in there but it would've been helpful to noobs in flash. I'll submit to the tutorials section. It would've also been better if that when the cursor was over a button, the button changes colour. Now here comes the stuff you want to see!

1. Had lots of information, good for noobs in Flash.
2. What else can I say, it's tutorial.

1. At the start, the cursor layer was lower than the preloader/play button layer.
2. The cursor stopped working in one part of it.


yodd responds:

you forgot to mention it is graphically challenged, what was I thinking, just a gradient? lol.

Thanks for the review!


This had a very nice amount of info on it!

Just try to lay it out in a nicer more attractive way, Like working on the graphics a bit.

But the content was really good, it was simple, yet basic, which is needed for a good tutorial.

I am really flattered you used my music on your tutorial, but even so, my music's not that good. Thanks though!

Keep it up!


yodd responds:

I am the one thats flattered, one of my favorite flash artists reviewing my movie (woot).

Anyway I dont want to sound like a preppy school girl, so I will get on with it.

Well, to tell the truth I dont like this very much, but almost everything I start I give up on in like two days, and this one I could complete in that amount of time, so what I am saying is an 8/10 for a flash artist with your talent is almost too high of a rating!

And your music is fine, I dont see why you think its not.

Thanks for the review, even though im not worthy


Well if your going to do a tutorial atleast put everything you know about the subject into it, thats why i respect this entry so much. I like how ontop of areas explaining actionscripting and animating you also added one for newgrounds in general. The cursor was alittle annoying though and at one time it got stuck at which point i had to right click and play to correct it. Good choice of music in the background but it started giving me a headache i would have loved an on/off button. Overall a good effort on this tutorial.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

yodd responds:

You disliked the cursor? lol I do to, but most people love it. On off button, just one of those things you forget! And I even explained it in actionscript (lol). I feel lucky that I got a review on a day you shouldnt have!THanks for the review!

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