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I attempted to fix a lot of the issues that you guys presented, and as some of you who came back to this game may have noticed, there's a bit more visual polish to the game. And how could you miss it? Seeing as, ya know, THE GAME MOVES AT THE SPEED OF CONTINENTAL DRIFT.

Ah, that's what I get for having a "music off" option. The music was what was keeping the frames moving at the "stream" sync, so when the screen gets busy, it would have to render every frame instead of the original which would skip those frames.

Issue as of now: resolved.

Speaking of music, I also decided to make a move to include royalty-free music to it. Thank you FlashKit.com. But now there are two tracks, one for regular gameplay, and one for practice mode.


This is a Flash game that I made for an Advanced Game Prototyping class. This was the first time that I used a wide combination of variables that establish a sense of physics and actual gravity in a game. Not too complicated, but to a Flash newbie like myself, it's quite an endevor.

All animation, images, and programming Copyright David Delanty, 2006. Sound courtesy SoundDogs.com. Music - "Symbolic", by TaQ.

Input appreciated. Hope you guys like it. Thank you.

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Hahaha! You made a smart joke!

Also. have some obstacles pop up every once in a while like random blocks in the middle of the screen.

good idea, but make paddle faster

its a good idea


great idea, but it's just to crazy to win the damn game lol. at least that is so if you use the strong paddle.

Nifty 2 player game

Quite fun even without a second player, the AI is good. Resembles 1 sided Pong.


Awesome new age pong game with some great powerups . Awesome style too, it works a lot better with both characters on one side than opposing each other.