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The FFF series has a new homepage, click the site link at left or jump to emudimension.com/fffanta

Just a personal note but I gave up on ratings and common sense among many of the portal viewers, I take no offense if you don't like the series or don't understand. your all welcome anyway :p

As with all the movies im always trying something new. im not completley pleased with the music transitions of this movie but its still a good one.

There have been various playback issues in the past with this one (making me to want to rename the movie to Grr). But they have been fixed.

Thanks for making this a 'feature of the day', and lastly enjoy ^^


Well, the first post 911 episode. Okay, I really shouldn't get into that. I truly appreciate how all of these characters have a role. The sounds were quite good. It was nice to see Black Mage like that. It's weird how everyone just dies in this.

Then again, there are as many characters as there are deaths. I suppose it was more realistic. I really like how the monsters are depicted. It was great to see Chocobos and Moogles in this. It gives a good actual connection between the games.

There's a bit too much to say... but the one thing I remember is that...
doesn't a mallet unshrink

SplashKhat responds:

In terms of game mechanics, yea it unshrinks. But why? It's weird to think that something that would crush you has an opposite effect. But I suppose that conflict is what makes the item memorable as to what it does. Which is great if you're making a game.

For this series I wanted to show that there's nothing in the world that is of any help to the heroes. No potions, no life after 0 HP, not even aid from status effects. Which the mallet illustrates here. This world, where heroes are dueling each other, is a place designed for these heroes to die. Why exactly isn't clear. But I do intended to Kickstart the series to put an end to those questions with the final chapters.


this was good and funny keep these coming kid

So Good!

I thought it was so romantic when Rosa thought Cyan was Cecil.
Kain was a bit overpowering, I don't think making him do 10,000 damage was really fair or entertaining, but the moogle was cute anyway. Yay moogles!

Pimp Shit

Yeeeeeeaah!!! Awesome. I loved how Kaine totally shoved his spear in that guys face and obliterated him. Poor Cyan lol. People are dropping left and right!

I love how Black Mage didn't die from the Chocobo <3<3<3<3

I'm a huge fan of Black Mage...I even played one on FFXI. I'm a huge Thief fan as well. I can't wait to see my favorite jobs come back into the series! Hopefully, to kick some more ass.

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Sep 17, 2001
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